Good Housekeeping Dept: Contest Results

Good Housekeeping Dept: Contest Results

UPDATE: A big thank you to Voni who donated her $100 cash prize back to WTW. Thanks, Voni! That’s good news for the readers… because that means we can have another contest very soon!

I have a couple of housekeeping announcements:

  • The Windows Hotmail server has been totally screwed lately. It’s very inconvenient for me because the majority of my correspondence is on there. If you are trying to reach me, try The K.I.S.S. ad promotion is still on; if you can’t reach me, use Update: I couldn’t sign in with Firefox; signed in successfully with Chrome. Come on, Microsoft, get your act together.
  • Similarly, I am having some real problems with my cellphone provider, Verizon. I bought a phone at Russell Cellular in Alpine, Texas. The phone did not work properly; I returned to Russell Cellular and they replaced the battery. Phone still did not work. Returned again, they said they couldn’t replace the phone or refund my money because Verizon now was in charge of the warranty because 30 days had lapsed. ARRRGGGH!!! If I want to cancel my service I have to wait for March, 2012. IT WAS EASIER GETTING MARRIED AND DIVORCED THAN CHANGING MY CELL PHONE CONTRACT! I don’t want to pay $80 a month for a phone that doesn’t work… but don’t worry, I will cave in like a complete coward and pay them their pound of flesh. So, if you’ve called me and left a message, please send it to my email:
  • Third announcement is this: if I don’t start getting some advertising revenue or donations I’M PULLING THE PLUG ON THIS BAD BOY. I love communicating with you, my audience, but I WON’T BE THE ONLY PERSON WHO BRINGS BEER TO THE PARTY. I don’t need a lot of encouragement, but I do need a little encouragement. How can you encourage me to keep doing what I do? Easy: buy an ad or two for $40 a piece, or donate $3.66 to me via PayPal. (click here for more info). And if you can’t do that (and it’s okay if you can’t do that) at least comment on some posts and refer this site to your friends.

Flowering Yucca


If you haven’t seen the great pictures submitted, click here.

The winner is: Voni Glaves with entry #2. These excellent photos are here in the post, click on them to see them in their full glory.

Voni will receive $100 and a Trivia Nut t-shirt. Thanks for the photos, they were great!

First runner-up is: Margaret Cotter

Margaret will receive a Marfa Public Radio tee, a $20 gift certificate from Longhorn Steakhouse and a Trivia Nut tee

Second runner-up is #3. They will receive a Trivia Nut tee.
Big Bend Vista
If you are a winner, e-mail me at with your mailing address and tee shirt size so I can send you your prizes.

If you are interested in contributing cash or non-cash prizes for the next contest, please email me at The next contest begins as soon as 50% of the $200 prize pool has been donated by local business. This is a great way to get your name out and generate goodwill; the contest had 140 comments and 24 shares on Facebook (show me another local internet resource with that level of participation).

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  1. Dragica

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