5 Sites That Save $$$

5 Sites That Save $$$

Times are tough. Times are hard. You have your computer, though (otherwise you couldn’t read this.) Save money by using online resources.

Paperback Swap
This is a great site that allows people to get basically free paperbacks from an extensive virtual library.

  • You post your books on the database.
  • Another reader requests them.
  • You pay shipping and send the book.
  • You get a free credit and can order a book from a fellow member for free. Easy, fun and effective!

Watch Online Movies for Free
Cable bill too expensive? Can’t afford Netflix? Don’t worry; you can still watch plenty of great movies online for free and LEGALLY!!! Check out the following sites for free movies:

  • A Wide Selection from Different Genres at Joost
  • Fun Documentaries at SnagFilms
  • Sony’s free online content can be found at Crackle


Cooking at home is a great way to save money. Also, it helps to bring the family together. If you get bored with your cookbooks, stop by this site and find some award winning recipes ranked by their readers. Cheap and yummy? Try these recipes:

Unclaimed Property in the State of Texas
Did Grandma leave a $300 utility deposit before she passed? Did Uncle Jerry have a tax return waiting for him? This government site will help you track down these odds and ends for free. This is not a scam… there may be unclaimed property out there that you are the rightful legal owner of.

Coupons are still a great way to shave 30% to 50% off your grocery budget each week. CouponMom was just featured on Oprah Winfrey. If you use her system, you can save 50% on your grocery budget by being aware of great specials and stocking up.