A Quick Guide to Twitter

A Quick Guide to Twitter

What is Twitter? The quickest-growing social networking site on the internet. Start off here.
What next?
1) Get a Twitter application like TweetDeck. Download it here.
2) Follow all your followers unless they are idle or scammers.
3) Use Mr. Tweet to find interesting, influential people.
4) Use TwitterSearch to find people with similar interests or from similar regions.
5) Follow me by clicking my Twitter icon in the social media homes widget.

There are more tips here.

4 thoughts on “A Quick Guide to Twitter

  1. Dr J.P. Schwartz

    Im already using facebook for people in trans pecos region… what can twitter genuinely do for those over such long distances cept tell you whos getting wasted at Harry’s tonight??

  2. admin

    Really, all this social media is somewhat unnecessary… it’s perfectly possible to have a wonderful, full life and never crack your Mac notebook. I like twitter because it is easier to use than Facebook and there is a real feeling of new possibilities with it.

  3. Dr J.P. Schwartz

    FB has really amplified life down here because I have to travel around so much in the region and people posts keep everything current. It’s like a continous conversation with everyone. Is Twitter just more of that?

  4. admin

    Yeah, but its simpler and more organic– you can have a one-way relationship, like following Barack Obama. Also, you can receive and send tweets via cell phone. I use twitter more… and my tweets are relayed to my FaceBook. I use them both and they are both valuable… but I’m in online publishing, so I need to be plugged in. I use about eight or nine social media on a regular basis: facebook, FriendFeed, myspace, twitter, digg, blip.fm, YouTube, linkedin, pandora. Out of those, Facebook and Twitter are the most important. Check out my profiles in my social homes widget.
    Twitter is great for blog promotion… if something is truly interesting to your audience, your message will be transmitted exponentially.