Alpine Bucks Procession

Alpine Bucks Procession

Late on Wednesday night, the Bucks returned victorious from a road game. Which game? I’m not sure… can one of my readers fill me in?

Extra: Nancy Burton tells me it was the band receiving a 1 in competition. Congrats to the band, the Band Boosters and all kids and parents who participated.

Extra 2: Hugh Garret e-mailed me to tell me this:

That was the AHS Band returning from winning the Sweepstakes Award after getting Division 1 ratings in concert performance and sight reading yesterday to go along with their Division 1 rating for Marching Band last Fall. First time in 8 years to earn 1 ratings in all 3 categories and earn the Sweepstates. The AHS band was down to about 30 members just a few years ago and this “resurrection” rivals Lazarus.

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