West Texas Web: Alpine Daily Planet

West Texas Web: Alpine Daily Planet

It was with great joy and pride that I saw my old boss Mike Perry’s new website: Alpine Daily Planet.

Mr. Perry has had a great positive influence on me. I think, in some strange way, I had a similar influence on him. When he was editor of the Alpine Avalanche after I had left, we had a very interesting meeting about the clunky and archaic web design that the Avalanche still has. The biggest offenders? Pop-ups, advertisements that are illegible, cramped small jpegs, irrelevant syndicated content, and ads that go on after the content has stopped.

Of course, because the Alpine Avalanche is not owned locally, each of their papers has the same terrible cookie cutter web design. Mr. Perry couldn’t do anything about it.

The Avalanche asked for Mr. Perry’s resignation recently due to some health problems that he was having. I was very disappointed by that. To me, it seems mighty stingy and petty to fire someone for something they can’t help.

This cloud has a silver lining, though, Mr. Perry is now as prolific as ever on the Alpine Daily Planet. I’ve also asked him to be the Contributing Editor Politics for my humble rag that you are perusing on your iPad.

Here’s Mike Perry’s description of what he does at his new website:

A daily look at Far West Texas through one man’s eyes. This news magazine is being set up as a nonprofit company. It is in no way meant to compete with our fine local newspapers. I’ll look daily at what interests me and comment as the mood strikes. Some of what I have to say will be amusing (at least to me), some will be serious, some will be rumor control, some will be on sports, some will be on politics. And I fervently hope that it all will be interesting. I do not intend to be critical of anyone and you will not find a mean-spirited edge to anything that I write. If you catch me swaying toward that dark side, let me know. I do intend to occasionally ask some serious questions and raise some serious issues.

3 thoughts on “West Texas Web: Alpine Daily Planet

  1. Randy DeAx

    I noticed your April 2013 post on Chuy Garcia wondering if he had been city manager @ Ft. Stockton .
    Yes , he was .
    He was indicted in april , 2004 for fraud and c/c abuse . He resigned and the charges were dropped . Ft. Stockton Pioneer archives
    He was selected as the city manager of Colorado City , Tx . and he was then not hired when his past came to light . I was astounded when he got the Alpine job . Guy is a slick piece of work. I do not know who did his B.I . and fronted him for the job but whoever it was needs to be looked at very closely .
    I do not know if you knew them but Carlos & Margaret Fay Dunn were my Aunt & Uncle.