West Texas Weekly 01/21/10 Vol. II Issue #3

West Texas Weekly 01/21/10 Vol. II Issue #3

UPDATE: My warmest heart-felt congratulations to Alpine’s Mary V. Stringfellow for her 90th birthday.

—UPDATE: Everyone’s Invited! Blue Water is celebrating our customers. We had so much fun with the parties we threw a year ago we wanted to do more but construction ate up all our room. Now that the restaurant’s big room is available we hope to throw a party every month. There will be free food and drink for 200 hundred people and of course free live music. Free Music, Free Food, Dance, Party!
Time:7:00PM Saturday, January 23rd
Location:Blue Water, 1 mile south 118

—UPDATE: Presidio County Livestock Show and FairMarfa Ag Barn Showcasing the talent and hard work of Presidio County 4-Hers and their leaders in the following competitions: Foods and Nutrition, Photography, Ag Mechanics, Dog Obedience, Lambs, Goats, Rabbits, Poultry, Swine.
Show starts at 8 a.m. Free all day and open …to the public. BBQ at 6 p.m. followed by the auction where every 4-Her will sell one project (except dog obedience). Pee Wee Show tentatively planned around noon.

—UPDATE: There will be a Rally on Sunday, January 24, 2010 4:00pm – 7:00pm at the Granada Theatre, Alpine for the re-election of Brewster County Judge, Val Beard.

—UPDATE: Happy Birthday to Adrina Drina, Jeff Milam and Callie Meeks! I guess awesome people just happen to be born on January 22nd.

Big Bend News

Watch out for the Chupacabra!

Described by some as the Latino Bigfoot, the Chupacabra is a mysterious creature that bleeds animals without leaving a drop of blood.



Robert Garcia of Horizon City, a town near El Paso, believes that the Chupacabra killed 30 of his chickens.
KOB reports on the story: “A man in Horizon City, Texas—near El Paso—believes a chupacabra killed 20 of his chickens one morning, and ten more the next day.
The chickens were killed without a drop of blood in sight, and his dogs never made a sound either night.
Robert Garcia said this week, “We started looking at the bite marks and there were two. The first thing that came to our mind was the chupacabra!”
The chupacabra is believed to be, part reptile, part coyote and all bad. Scientists say the creature doesn’t exist, but don’t tell that to Garcia.”

–Alpine Democratic Rep. Pete Gallego has formally announced that he will seek re-election in 2010. “I have been privileged to the people of southwest Texas, to be their voice in the House of Representatives. Working together, we’ve made a difference.,” said Gallego. “I will be running hard to once again earn your vote – and I’ll continue to bring West Texas common sense to the challenges our state faces. Now, more than ever, we need core values, sound experiences, and tenacity working for us and making a positive difference for our children and families.” Visit Rep. Gallego’s website to learn more about his platform.

— I mistakenly reported that Evi and Randi Quaid were arrested in Hudspeth County. They were detained in Hudspeth County because Presidio County doesn’t have an adequate jail. They were, however, arrested in Marfa.

The National Ledger reports on it: “Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, pleaded not guilty to felony fraud charges at a Santa Barbara Superior Court earlier this week. The Quaids were taken into custody in Texas earlier after failing to show up for their court dates.”

This home video shows some strange behavior in the Quaid home… “”I’m taking this camera with me to film whatever Evi’s doing and hopefully we don’t end up in jail or anything,” says the person filming. “I’ll keep her calm, okay.” Quaid responds, “We have to be careful that she doesn’t make unwarranted accusations.

The New York Daily News reports on this video

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The preceding is a paid political advertisement from a local, private citizen

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Big Bend Events

[From the El Paso Times] Berman’s work will be shown in the “Border Stories” exhibition opening Thursday at the University of Texas at El Paso Centennial Museum. He will also open an exhibition Jan. 29 of some of his older work at Adair Margo Fine Art in Downtown El Paso.
Margo once bought a Bruce Berman photograph that she still displays in her home.

border nuns

"Border Sisters", Bruce Berman

“It is a constant reminder that there’s joy to be found in Juárez, a place we’ve been told cannot survive,” Margo said.
Berman, now in his 60s, teaches photojournalism at New Mexico State University. He grew up in the working-class South Side of Chicago, obtained his credentials at the University of Oklahoma and earned his stripes as a freelance shooter covering civil-rights protests and other news in his native Chicago, what he described as a city in revolution.
To learn more about Bruce Berman, read this article in the El Paso Times.

Big Bend Photo of the Week
Romi and Adrian

"Fashion Week Marfa", Lesley Slenning

This week’s photograph comes from Lesley Slenning. This talented photographer captured Romi and Adrian making some alterations for their upcoming Marfa Fashion Show.

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