West Texas Weekly 03/04/10 Vol. II Issue #5

West Texas Weekly 03/04/10 Vol. II Issue #5


“Brewster County voters agreed with County Judge Val Beard’s campaign slogan — “Keep Val Beard” — and returned her to office Tuesday. She will have no GOP opponent in November’s general election.”
Click here to read more at the Alpine Avalanche.


The Avalanche’s completely confused editorial policy and demonstrably unprofessional unfairness toward Avinash Rangra and bias toward Judge Beard justifies the low esteem in which the American press is now held.

All over the Granite Newspapers website we read the words “community” as it relates to newspapers. Who among us is in Perry’s community?

Lastly, publisher/editor Mike Perry is directly accountable for this mess.

I know no one in journalism who works harder than Mike and Cindy Perry. But the proud traditions of the American press from the Colonial printers to the Washington Post and the New York Times in the Watergate mess demand that journalists be competent too.

Read the rest of McNamera’s coverage of the election at The Nimby News.

–For Presidio and Brewster County election results for state posts, click here.

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Big Bend Video

A wonderful event. I hope this video captures that.

–“Dustin Roller, Cody Higgins, Joseph Cupps being badasses. Sul Ross State University.” Thank you for the footage, Jayson.

Marfa, My Dear: “An improvised absurdity starring Jaclyn Jonet, Black Moses and Lola “Prosciutto” Ruspoli. Directed by Tao Ruspoli, based on a story by Olivia Wilde www.lafco.tv www.marfafilmfestival.org”

Judd at Tina Kim. Thanks to Marcelo.

Big Bend Events

In celebration of Texas Independence and the battle of the Alamo, Dude of the Dead outdoor music festival in south Presidio County at the base of the Chinati Mountains, will take place Saturday March 6th, starting at 2pm. The festival is located 15 miles west of Presidio off HWY 170. Camping is free, BYOB encouraged. Seven bands are set to preform including local talent: Doodlin Hogwallops; Big Mountain Boogaloo, Cantina Fight and from Austin: Rayon Beach; The Flesh Lights; Shapes Have Fangs, Dead Space plus Randy Travesty.
The entry fee is $5 per person or $20 per car/truck/van load. Admission will be waived for the first 15 vehicles.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact Charlie Angell, 432.229.3713.

–Dumitrescu Gallery reception
The Dumitrescu Gallery, located inside Elms Bookkeeping at 108 N. 5th Street in Alpine, will have its final exhibition this month, with a reception from 6-8 p.m. Friday, March 5. The gallery’s last day will be from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. April 3. Avram Dumitrescu is an illustrator and lecturer with the Center for Big Bend Studies at Sul Ross State University. His illustrations are featured in a new textbook, “Drawing Inspiration: Visual Artists at Work.”

–Sierra Club to hike Hancock Hill
Start your spring break with a hike up the Hancock Hill trail above Sul Ross State University on Saturday, March 6. Hikers will meet by 9 a.m. at the trailhead behind Mountainside dorm (entrance No. 4). The hike will take about 2 hours and is moderately strenuous. Participants should bring water, a hat and footwear appropriate for loose rocky surfaces. For more information, call Martha Latta at 432-837-1070.

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A Brief Editorial Note
You're number one!

You're number one!

Here at West Texas Weekly, you come first! My new layout and navigation reflects that:

  • Popular Articles (now in the left sidebar of the homepage) features the popular articles that you comment on and that provoke discussion
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Big Bend Dining Notes: The Gulf Station Cafe

Flanked against the Alpine Amtrak Station stands one of the best little restaurants I’ve found in the Big Bend. The Gulf Station offers a limited lunch and dinner menu but packs a lot of joie de vivre from each item. Soups, sandwiches, burgers and salads are the main items but try the stuffed Portobello mushroom or roasted chicken.
It’s easy to go veggie here – we did it accidentally: Greek Salad, Garbanzo-Potato- Spinach soup and the killer choice of the night spinach pancakes made with Japanese panko, in a perfectly French beurre blanc sauce.
The place is cozy – something urban going on: tall ceilings, stained cement floors, polished aluminum tables, black chairs and Stella Artois on tap served in classic pint glasses – we could be on the left bank. The wine hangs from a chained raw iron rack with bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay from Argentina to Texas. At least the varieties are French.
Exposed three membrane brick colors one wall, a dead give-away for anything commercial built in Alpine in the 1930’s. The other wall glimmers with sheet metal and old photographs from the 1950’s – when the place was a true Gulf Station. Choo-choo-cha-boogie plays through speakers mounted near a large abstract on canvas. Chagall would not be impressed, but it is not bad.
The train horn blows, a signal for the pause that refreshes, a mistake for sure, not that the bathrooms weren’t beautiful – exquisite actually … his and hers, regular and ethyl, but when I return there is only a sliver of the home made Key Lime Pie, a sliver so small it reminds me of the inferior country to the east of France that makes the little wheels of soft cheese, packaged in tiny wedges. But the pie – par excellence! [M. Chenault]

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