Alpine Star Party

Alpine Star Party


Invitation to the Star Party: Sierra La Rana’s first Star Party will be held Friday, April 24, 2009 from 7:30 PM – 11 PM. Star parties are a wonderful way to get acquainted with the night sky and to understand the importance of protecting dark skies – not just for astronomy purposes which is crucial to the McDonald Observatory, but also for the values that darkness provides to area wildlife. Members of the Texas Star Party have agreed to moderate the event.
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08:30 PM: Slide Presentation by Paul Merrick
09:15 PM: Telescope(s) available for public viewing and discussion
a. Paul Merrick
b. Other Telescopes
11:00 PM: Dark Sky Party conclusion

Paul Derrick is an active and charter member of the Central Texas Astronomical Society and a participant and presenter at the Texas Star Party. Paul will orient the audience to the sky by pointing out the planets, stars and constellations overhead.

Paul Derrick…
· is author of the “Stargazer” column published in the Waco Tribune-Herald and other newspapers. Originated in January 1990, “Stargazer” appears every other week.
· teaches amateur astronomy short-courses. Designed for novice stargazers, Paul’s courses include indoor sessions and field observation. They require no equipment or prior knowledge.
· conducts public and private amateur astronomy slide programs and star parties for children and adults in schools, camps, parks and other settings.
· is author of (A Beginner’s Guide to) Learning the Night Sky (2003) and Stargazer’s Life List (2004).