Big Bend Notes, November 5 2009

Big Bend Notes, November 5 2009

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Terlingua Chili Cook-off

Terlingua Chili Cook-off

— The biggest news this weekend is simple: Terlingua Chili Cook-off.

–I am so psyched! Starting January 1st 2010, you will be able to have a mixed drink in the Greater Alpine area thanks to a ballot initiative. Start warming up your cocktail shakers, I want a double Rusty Nail and a shot of Rumpleminz.

Elijah Wood of Lord of the Rings fame spun records there at the Crowley Theater after the Masquerade Marfa party. Welcome to West Texas, Elijah!

Nude Phto of Evi Quaid

Nude Phto of Evi Quaid

–I am hearing a lot of unsubstantiated, bizarre stuff about Randy and Evi Quaid. Well, first they sent risque nude photos to a Seattle newspaper. Then? They took down a satellite dish from a neighboring home. Marfa City Council has stopped the Quaids from making their renovations to their Marfa, Texas home. I hear that there was a kerfuffle in the City Hall regarding this (I will speak to Marfa Councilperson David Beebe at next opportunity). Finally, B., a private detective who has extensive knowledge of the Quaids, warns that Evi may be planning a showdown in their fortified Marfa home (this sounds like quite a stretch). B. also speculated that Evi took down the satellite dish because of concerns that the Mafia (who killed Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett) are gunning for them. Whew! This private detective also claims that Evi is converting the residence to a museum honoring Randy’s legacy.

For more on this bizarre development (that is overexposing Marfa to the mainstream media), check out these links:

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— My good friends, John and Beverly, are having a series of campfires at their place:
Fireside Chat g

— One of my favorite blogs, BoingBoing, explores Liquid Smoke with this blogpost. I used some liquid smoke the other day in a chicken marinade and it was wonderful.

–The Mountain Goats, Jeff Davis County Blues:

–Quote of the Week: Among Zen Buddhists it is said, ‘When you meet another bodhisattva on the road, greet him with neither words nor silence.’ That leaves you with a vast selection of barnyard noises from which to choose.”–Kerry Thornley.

— The Talking Heads do “Psycho Killer” live.

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