Big Bend Snips, October 29th 2009

Big Bend Snips, October 29th 2009

Dude of the Dead

Dude of the Dead

UPDATE:– There’s going to be an exciting, new music festival this weekend starting 1pm on Saturday near Presidio. Check out Dude of the Dead , a live music festival. Click here for information and directions. The line-up of music looks great, and this is perfect weather for camping.

Charlie Angell (the organizer) knows how to have a good time. When you go on an Angell Expeditions river trip or jeep tour you will be impressed with his extensive knowledge of the area’s back ways and his sense of humor.

UPDATE:– I will be attending the Zombie Bar Shamble today Friday at 6 pm at the Railroad Blues. Stay tuned for video of this event. Afterwards, about 9, the Blues will host the awesome Del Castillo. Their flamenco-tinged rock and Latin jazz is simply amazing. They received 7 Austin Music Awards Winning in 2003 including “Band of the Year”, “Album of the Year” and “Best Live Act” . Don’t miss this show!

Wind Damaged Alpine Library

Wind Damaged Alpine Library

UPDATE:– The Alpine Library building currently under construction had wind damage from the high winds we experienced two days ago. Windows are broken, and some of the wooden forms blew over. It’s funny, because I was talking to my friend José Aguayo about the construction and he said that it looked like they were stapling it together with a staple gun. Click here to read a more formal account in the Alpine Avalanche.

UPDATE:– Get in the Halloween mood with this PUMPKIN DANCE!

UPDATE: IF YOU HAVE AN ALLERGY TO MILK, AVOID MRS. RIOS CORN TORTILLAS AND POP’S BAKERY TORTILLAS FOR THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE. They have whey in them, and it was not listed on the label. A recall of these products is going on. Click here to read the rest of the story.

UPDATE:– John Elsbury, the Bikeman, let me know about this event: “John Ehrke of the Big Bend Sierra Club and myself, representing Bikeman’s 7th anniversary, are sponsoring 3 bike rides from Kokernot Lodge this Halloween Saturday morning. The 25 miler begins @ 9:00am, and the 10-miler and 1-mile kids ride (on the paved path in the park) begin @ 10:00am. The rides are entitled ‘Roll Beyond Coal’ per the Sierra Clubs of Texas (see their website for more info), and there’ll be water, fruit, treats, but no other agenda. You are invited to cover this first bike ride event from Alpine for the West Texas Weekly (great website w/cool coverage, by the way).” Thanks for the compliment, Bikeman!


YouTube user kenpilot built this: “My Halloween Electric Chair prop. Lights are on to see the full effect. It looks much better at night with just the right amount of accent light. It also has a chest strap which I just forgot to strap on him ;-)”

Snow in Marfa

Snow in Marfa

–We had snowfall here in Trans-Pecos West Texas (Marfa, Alpine and Fort Davis to the best of my knowledge). It wasn’t a lot, but it was unseasonably early. I was in bed when it fell, and it didn’t wake me. Here’s a photo of the snow from Mercer Black. If you haven’t read Mercer’s Camp Marfa, I highly recommend it.

Jake Silverstein is the new editor there at Texas Monthly. Again, I have no prejudice against the print media, I just wish that Texas Monthly would see the light and make all of their online content open to the internet.

This is news to West Texas because Mr. Silverstein credits his success in part to Marfa’s own Big Bend Sentinel. He told the Sentinel, “At the Sentinel, you’re so close to the your sources and you see the immediate impact of journalism on people’s lives. It teaches you to respect your sources and also to know your subjects and write about them with care and humor.” I agree completely, small town newspapers are great. However, I do not feel I am in direct competition with our local papers.

After all, they have to conduct “narrative non-fiction longform” journalism while I can present you with a YouTube video of a Dachshund riding a skateboard:

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–If you’re a fan of the Marfa Shorthorns, check out Fred Martinez’s extensive collection of photos. Click here to view and join that Yahoo! group.

–I received the following sympathetic e-mail from B. regarding the recent run-ins between the Quaids and our boys in blue :

The truck Evi used to write her notes on is owned by Precision Packing in California. This is the same company Evi used to steal some items from someone’s home in Thousand Oaks. Evi is mentally unstable and really needs some help. Deputy Davis is wrong for filing a civil suit. He should have done his job and helped Evi.


Romi by Jennie Lyn Hamilton

Romi by Jennie Lyn Hamilton

Click here to read more about this performance at CampMarfa.

–QUOTE OF THE DAY: There is no good in arguing with the inevitable. The only argument available to the east wind is to put on your overcoat. –James Russell Lowell

–I got a very gracious thank-you from Kelli King. She wrote the song “Do You Terlingua?” that I featured here a week ago. Click here to visit her website. If you like the song, you can contact her there.


–In honor of Halloween, here is a bit of the divine Elvira, Mistress of the Dark:

And director P. T. Anderson’s father, the kooky beatnik Ghoulardi: