Big Bend Snips, October 21st 2009

Big Bend Snips, October 21st 2009

Update:— Here are the scores for the first three weeks of Smackdown Trivia:
Thank you for participating!

Fancy Pony Land, Marfa Bedroom

Fancy Pony Land, Marfa Bedroom

Update:– Open House Weekend was great. I especially enjoyed Premeire Grande, an exuberant party that seductively showcased Marfa Bedroom and Fancy Pony Land to full effect. A reader who attended sends in the following pictures from the party in the courtyard. It looks as if the ubiquitous Bob Bell has found his way to the campfire.

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Bob Bell and Jeffro

Bob Bell

Update: –Be sure to stop by the Alpine Chamber of Commerce Mixer at the Reata in Alpine, Texas tonight. The Reata offers amazing food, great cocktails and a 10% discount to Alpine Chamber of Commerce members. If you’re looking for a great place to meet some local business contacts in a fun environment, stop by tonight October 22nd at 6 pm.

Update: –I receive the following puzzling link from loyal reader, Ezekial:
Texarrakis Is this a commune based on the ideals of Frank Herbert? Who knows.

Ezekial comments:

Behold! The latest group of idiot hipsters who want to move to the desert.
It won’t be long before they pack up their stupid camp and move to Marfa. That is, if I don’t head out there and kill them first.

While those are harsh words, the following video might justify them:

Update: Use your BRAAAAINNNNSSS! when looking for freaky Halloween fun. Try the Zombie Bar Shamble here in Alpine on Halloween. You’ll be asking for MOARRRRR.Pub crawl/Shamble begins 7PM at The Rail Road Blues with drink stops along the way ending at Harry’s Tinaja. Free swag, prize for best costume, pub games. Zombie make-up available starting 6PM at RRBlues for $3.”

Here’s footage from a NYC zombie crawl:

–DO YOU TERLINGUA? I got a very gracious thank-you from Kelli King. She wrote this song. Click here to visit her website. If you like the song, you can contact her there.

Cthulhu Mask, courtesy

Cthulhu Mask, courtesy

UPDATE: –If you enjoy the content here on West Texas Weekly, check out Camp Marfa. This is a new blog by my good friend, Mercer Black. If you want an in-depth (and slightly skewed) look at life in Marfa, this is a great resource.

In a recent post, she talks about what mask she wants to wear to the Ballroom Masquerade. Click here to read that post. Mercer has subtle taste. I don’t. I want to be Cthulu if I must be a fictional character. Not Oberon or Punchinello. Perhaps I can waltz in for a dance or two after the zombie crawl.

–There is a WEST TEXAS AMBER ALERT for Mitchell Romero, a three-year-old. He is believed to be with his father after the murder of his mother. Click here to see a photo of Mitchell. Maybe you can help authorities locate this child.


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