Bears, News and Snips August 17, 2009

Bears, News and Snips August 17, 2009

“This young male black bear had been hanging around the parking lot and the restaurant area of the Chisos Mountain Lodge in Big Bend National Park on Monday AM … He actually came back to the window 2 or 3 times. When he started to stand on his hind legs and push on the windows (we could see them buckling) that’s when we all decided to stand back and I stopped filming. ”

— I am hearing about bears all the time. To the uninitiated, we do have black bears out here in the Big Bend. One was found dead here near Alpine recently. Click here to read about that in Mike Perry’s Alpine Avalanche. My good friend Mercer Black has a funny story where her mother feeds a baby bear apples on the side of the road. My good friend Carrie Koennecke did her graduate project on the presence of black bears in the Davis Mountains.

Update: This is an amazing site. Tony Trischka teaches banjo. It’s amazing how the Internet is affecting folk culture!

— We’ve been experiencing amazing thunderstorms and electrical outages. I heard the cell tower in Fort Davis went out as well due to a lightning strike.

–Here are a couple of relevant news links:

–Visit Big Bend, one of the best local websites, has gotten a face lift. Stop by and check out their new resources for the online community. They’ve gotta be good– they’re linking to me!

–My friend Spencer Anderson is looking for work. He’s a young, intelligent guy who has been working for a local hotel that suffered economic setbacks. If you have a job in the hospitality industry for Spencer, drop me a line.

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  1. Barbara Wellman

    Hi, I was surfing around in Alpine and ran across your articles. I must say your news link to the Quentin Tarantino Terrorizes Actors with Giant Dildo was great! I just thought I would let you know. Also I was wondering if your friend Spencer Anderson found a job. It is getting tough every place with everything closing down. I am lucky because I retired and moved to Utah (use to live in Vegas and worked at a major hotel on the strip) with hubby. Getting side-tracked again sorry.! Well Happy Holidays. Barbara