Big Bend Dining: Cow Dog

Big Bend Dining: Cow Dog

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We are not elitist or snobbish here at West Texas Weekly. If anything, I would rather have a fresh meal out al fresco from a spic-and-span dining truck than be stuck in some dank, over-priced fern bar. The Big Bend is starting to assemble a fleet of excellent, inexpensive mobile dining experiences. I am proud to say that Cow Dog has joined that fleet.

My sampling order today went back to basics: a small Hangover, small Mexican, small German, Zapp’s Jalapeno potato chips and a Dr. Pepper for $12.50. This is a lot of food; a small dog, chips and a drink is a substantial lunch. I thought the Mexican (see above) was the best of the bunch: fresh home-made pico de gallo, sharp cheddar, bacon, mayo and ketchup on a plump Hebrew National. This is the hot dog style in Arizona and Sonora state, Mexico. The fresh jalapeno is offset by the coolness of the mayo.

The Hangover featured some pretty tasty homemade chili and fritos in addition to bacon and cheese. I was not bowled over by the German; a little too much kraut for my taste. These are minor quibbles; the key to this dining experience is a plump, high quality frank fried up on the grill for a bit of “bite” and a fresh, soft bun toasted with a hint of margarine.

Local artist Alan Vannoy runs this operation. You can find Cow Dog at the Big Bend Thrift store, 104 W Avenue A, Alpine, Texas on Wed-Sat. lunchtimes. He’s also at the Railroad Blues on Saturday nights.

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