Big Bend Snips, September 17th, 2009

Big Bend Snips, September 17th, 2009

–Update: I’d like to remind everybody that September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Click here to learn more about this fun and unusual holiday.

UPDATE: I Try not to beg and plead too much, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit Jason Bush Cancer Fund and donate something. Any amount, no matter how small, will help this man fight cancer and live. Stop by Brunch for Bush to learn about a brunch in his honor that will help raise funds for his medical care. My best wishes are with Jason and all the wonderful people in Alpine who are coming together as a community to support his battle against cancer.
Update: A very big thank you to the editors and readers at Out of eleven travel-themed blogs concerning the state of Texas, West Texas Weekly is rated number one. Click here to see those results.

— Interested in off-the-grid living? A couple in the Chihuahuan Desert down across the border are getting national attention for their committment to renewable energy. Click here to read their blog. Treehugger describes their project: “Abe and Josie have the smarts to survive well in the big city, but they have chosen a different life, a remote life, off grid, debt free, and on their own terms and timeline.” Treehugger is an interesting online resource for renewable energy.

–I’m looking forward to the Alpine Chamber of Commerce Mixer tonight. It’s at six at Farmers Insurance here in Alpine. Bake Turner will be playing his guitar there, and for folks who don’t know, Bake has a Superbowl ring there on his strumming hand.

–I was lucky enough to walk in on an amazing photo session that Lesley Slanning was doing with my good friends Robin Lombaria and Mercer Black. As you can see, Robin looks amazing. Click here to see some photos of Romi taken in Marfa.

–Some quick local news links:

— A very big thank you to Guil of La Loma Del Chivo. If you are from out of town and looking for a place to trade labor for lodging, contact this place. You’ll get to work an organic garden or assist with many different renewable energy projects.

–From the Texas Mountain Trail Writers: “The Texas Mountain Trail Writers will hold their first fall meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 22, at the Hallmark Townhouses Fiesta Room in Alpine. Members Edy Elfring and Reba Cross Seals will present the program; Elfring will talk about her new book, and Seals will report on her summer trip to China. The Trail Writers meet monthly from September through May and alternate meeting locations between the Hallmark Townhouses and Jeff Davis County Public Library in Fort Davis. All area writers are invited.”

Judd Installation

Judd Installation

–If you’re looking for breath-taking photographs of the tri-county area, try David Legget’s blog. Click here to visit Phlography. His photos capture an emotional tone that is very appropriate to life out here in the Big Bend.

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From the Vault: Washtub Jerry and Glenn Moreland play a fun ditty at the Cowboy Poetry Festival here in Alpine. Turn up your sub-woofer to hear that washtub bass!

A little random trivia. if all the Lego bricks ever produced were to be divided equally among a world population of six billion, each person would have 62 Lego bricks.

RANDOM VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Froggy the Gremlin interferes with a dieting Andy and subliminally forces him to eat a creampuff. For more video, links and news visit my FriendFeed.

— This blog has a compelling and unique premise: write a secret on a postcard and send it in anonymously. Click here to read PostSecret.