Free Services

Free Services


I just want to remind people about the free services at West Texas Weekly:

  • Music Listings for the Big Bend region are always free. Contact Matt Hodges the Contributing Editor Music. He does the weekly Big Bend Music column and will gladly put you in there for free.
  • Event Listings are always free. If you have a non-commerical event in the Big Bend region that’s open to the public, let me know and I will relay it to my audience for for free. Forward all the specific details to
  • I can help you promote local web resources, journalism and video for free. Send me links to informative or entertaining web resources with a regional focus.
  • You can freely embed any of my video as long as you attribute me. Click here to see my hosted videos at YouTube. In fact, you can re-use any of my material as long as you adhere to my particular Creative Commons restrictions. Creative Commons is the new intellectual property standard for the Internet.
  • 100% of my content is free.

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