7 Unforgettable Big Bend Lunches

7 Unforgettable Big Bend Lunches

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One of the nicest thing about traveling is having a nice lunch between your activities. After some hiking, your appetite is keen and that hamburger or order of tacos tastes better than you can imagine.

In no particular order, here are 7 great places to eat lunch:

  • Alicia’s

To me, this place has the best burgers in Alpine. I might be biased, though, because I grew up on these ‘gut bombs’. The hand-formed patties are thoroughly salted and peppered, thrown on the grill and smothered in home-made chili macho (the only way to eat one). Hand-cut french fries finish off a meal that will have you craving a siesta. Stop by 708 E Av G, Alpine, TX 79830
or call at 432.837.2802

  • Kathy’s Kosmic Kowgirl Kafe

When you’re in South County, stop by and see Kathy Wisdom. This fully-functioning diner and cafe complements the improvised jam sessions and outdoor movies¬†around the fire pit. The burritos and barbecue are excellent, especially accompanied by the funky ambience. Look out for a profile on Kathy by Contributing Editor Phyllis Dunham; Kathy’s a ‘big giver’— she helped out Uh-Clem not too long ago with a Hula Hoop benefit. Stop by and see her on the road from Study Butte to Terlingua.

    Barbacoa tacos

    Barbacoa tacos

  • Tacos Del Norte

Authentic Frontiera tacos. I like barbacoa with salt, lime juice and cilantro to cut the grease. Fresh, pliant tortillas and spicy condiments make this a great place to grab an inexpensive lunch in Marfa.

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  • Pizza Foundation

This place is a classic in its own right. It’s one of the most dependable and delicious restaurants in the area. They have steadily and professionally provided a taste of East-Coast Italiano done right. The crust is chewy without being leathery; cheese, tomato and toppings are fresh. Immaculate, with speedy service, this is the perfect place to pick up a quick slice and lime-ade for lunch.

  • Johnny B’s

The world-class Cenizo Cafe is not open for lunch. Don’t be disappointed though, if you’re in Marathon in the afternoon, stop by Johnny B’s for a homemade milkshake or a fountain soda to go with your club sandwich. My chocolate milkshake was creamy and cooling— perfect to perk me up for a walk through the town.
Stop by when you are in Marathon.

  • La Trattoria
  • Although many folks prefer to eat here for dinner, they have an excellent lunch as well. I enjoy the Chicago beef. Razor thin slices of beef accented with red pepper and oregano on a roll drenched with au jus and garnished with provolone. Every time I’m here I think I get the Gyro (beef and lamb on a pita with tzatziki)– it’s just not available elsewhere in the Big Bend. Afterward you can perk up with a made to order coffee drink. Stop by when you are in Alpine.

  • Texas Fusion
  • This place is great for lunch and serves Tex-Mex and B-B-Q. I strongly recommend a chili cheeseburger, or some nachos with homemade pulled pork. Try the handcut steak fingers too. Stop by and tell ’em West Texas Weekly sent you.

    What’s your favorite lunch? Leave a comment below.