Big Bend News August 12, 2009

Big Bend News August 12, 2009

Update: From Texas Highways: “Oh, yes, and a trip to West Texas, where you can escape summer’s blaze in unlikely places. Perhaps you’re thinking the mercury has gone to my head, and that I’m confused, or worse, clearly crazy. But bear with me: West Texas boasts two of the most pleasant places to hang out in the throes of summer–fantabulous Balmorhea State Park, where the crystalline waters of San Solomon Springs hover around 74 degrees year round, and the Davis Mountains, where temperatures dip into the 60s at night and the stars emerge big and bright.”

— I have a dedicated reader who sends in at least one LOLcat a week. Here is her current favorite:

Update: Johanna Nelson, the City Council Rep. for Ward 2, will be hosting a public forum at the Neighborhood Center, August 22nd. The Neighborhood Center is located at 607 W Avenue Gallego. Everyone is invited to stop by and to discuss community issues and concerns. Residents of Alpine are especially encouraged to attend and exchange ideas on how we can make the City of Alpine a better place to live. The Neighborhood Center will be open from 3-6pm on Saturday. Light refreshments will be available. For more information, please contact 432-837-5736 or email:

Jose Aguayo reminds me that:
” Come to Sul Ross on Thursday (tomorrow) and meet the four presidential candidates. If you care about the Big Bend, you should make time. It’s at 5-6:30 p.m. at the Espino Conference Center in the University Center. Link to schedule –”

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Tim Wilde sent in the following link: Mapping out Marfa

–I spoke with Phyllis Dunham (a wonderful and talented woman) last weekend about being my Contributing Editor Events. So, start looking out for her take on local events. I am assembling a great staff: Matt Hodges, Amanda Mayo and Phyllis Dunham are wonderful people that I am very lucky to work with. Blogging is the new thing in media and these folks are getting first-hand experience.

— Thank you to Liz Carmack for linking to me on Historic Hotels of Texas.

–As everybody knows, I am assisting Hugh McLoed with Stormhoek. Stormhoek is a South African wine that Hugh is introducing out here in West Texas. I shot the following video of that process at the Grub Shack in Terlingua:

A Neighbor

A Neighbor

Margaret Cotter, the winner of the last photography contest sent in some new entries and let me know this:
“Margaret Cotter here with my entries….I LOVED my meal (and treating 3 friends) at Mural Cafe!!
I now have a new favorite place to eat in Alpine!!!”
Thanks to the Mural Cafe for sponsoring our last photography contest. It’s a great place to eat and a lot of fun too (especially the potlucks). If you’re a business that wants to sponsor the upcoming contest, e-mail me at

–Some important news from the Terlingua Moon: “Kosmic Kathy has been spending time with Winnie and Ray Masseau in Midland. She relayed to us that they send their love; they miss everybody; and keep those prayer circles going. There are cards placed at Long Draw Pizza, the Post Office and the KKKK for us all to sign for them. Being away from home to be with ill loved ones is made easier by organizations like Hope House in Midland. They provide a place for family and support to stay for little or nothing. You can send cards or donations for the cause to Gifts of Hope, inc. P.O. Box 1323 – Midland, TX 79702. Atten: Allen Collier for Ray & Winnie Masseau. Ladonna has been in touch with Ray, and he says it is okay to call the hospital (432) 685 1111, room 411 or his cell phone (432) 294-2120. Hearing from us is making this difficult time a little easier for them. If you want to send flowers or a card, the Midland Memorial Hospital address is: 2200 W. Illinois, Midland, TX 79701.”

–24 Hour Play prep in Marfa tonight– staging tomorrow. Why didn’t I get invited? I wrote some material that was too sexually suggestive last year… still I wish them the best.

–I ran into talented photographer Julia Robinson in Fort Davis. Click here to visit her site. She is doing a profile on an Olympic hopeful in dressage who lives near Fort Davis (I don’t know much about horses, so I have no idea what that means.) Ideally, we can help this Olympic hopeful get some local sponsors so that she can compete. Stay tuned for more details.

–My good friend Dona Ward is helping to organize a poker tournament on Friday. It’s at the American Legion here in Alpine. I’ll be dealing cards and playing. More details to come. If you are interested in playing poker in the area, there are legal home games at private homes. These tournaments are a good way to organize your own game or meet someone who does.

— I’ve been lazy about having nice pictures of myself on the internet. My avatar on Twitter and Facebook is a picture of Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu. No more! I am getting together with local photographer JIm Lee (one of the trivia nuts at Smackdown trivia) to take some pictures of me.

George Covington sent me a message of encouragement: “West Texas Weekly is great… keep up the good work.” George is quite a character– you can find out more about him by clicking here.

–Don’t worry! There will be a new season of Smackdown Trivia in September. The only reason I had a summer season is because I thought I was moving to Houston and didn’t want to leave the trivia nuts hanging in the wind. The new season of Smackdown Trivia will have more competition, more questions and more drinks!

–We are snappin’ necks and cashing checks here at West Texas Weekly:

If you’re a musician or chef who wants to reach a worldwide audience drop me a line and I will help you.