Big Bend Notes, September 8, 2009

Big Bend Notes, September 8, 2009

–A gigantic thank you to Jimmy Patterson of the Midland Reporter Telegram. He wrote about me for the paper. Click here to read the article. He also hosts the excellent blog Sticky Doorknobs. Thanks for a great interview, Jimmy!

— Congratulations to my Contributing Editor Marfa, Amanda Mayo. She will be the new office manager for KRTS, Marfa Public Radio. I predict that she will be a strong, competent asset to the station. I know that she has been a tremendous asset to West Texas Weekly.

I have been a great fan of this radio station since day one. My especially memorious (this word is setting off my spell checker, but it’s used in the title of a Borges short story) readers realize that I wrote an article for the defunct Desert Candle on KRTS many moons ago. Maybe I’ll reprint it here one of these days…

Marfa Film Festival is now accepting submissions for the 2010 festival. Click here to visit their great website. I’ll be helping the volunteers with social media this year.

— I want to give a gigantic ‘you rock!!!’ to Tina, Yvonne, Christy, David Beebe, Lena, Bennie and the rest of the staff at Padre’s. Friday night they were absolutely swamped because of the Marfa Lights Festival but they fought back and survived the night. It seemed like the whole town of Marfa was there ordering drinks at the same time.

I spent most of my time drinking a delicious Long Island Ice Tea and talking to Adrian Amiro and Elise Easley. Adrian popped into town to sell her beautiful jewelry at a booth before going to France for an internship. Good luck, Adrian! Click here to see the interview I conducted with Adrian about being an intern at Chinati.

It was also a great treat to see Drew Stuart. He’s doing well at his journalism gig in Del City. It sounds like he is getting a little less social stimulation than he did in Marfa. Which is why this song from ‘Drew Aid’ is getting a repeat airing:

— I also want to give a big thank you to Rusty Kaim and her close friend Charlotte, two of the great aeronauts who were generous enough to give me a ride in Confetti. After my inaugural flight, I kneeled down on a blanket there in the Sierra La Rana polo field while the ladies baptized me with confetti and water and said the Balloonist’s Prayer: “The winds have welcomed you with softness/ The sun has blessed you with his warm hands/ You have flown so high and so free/ That God has joined you in laughter/ And set you gently again/ Into the loving arms of Mother Earth.” After that touching moment, we clinked glasses full of mimosa and ate some coffee cake. I felt like Toad of Toad Hall. Ballooning is fun! Click here to see learn more about the Central Texas Ballooning Association. Click here to see my ride in Confetti.

I received a strong, positive impression from the people I met at the Balloon Bash… I think, compared to many other hobbies, that ballooning cultivates humility and industry. You may need a crew of eight people to put a balloon up, but only two people can fit in the gondola. For that reason, it attracts people who don’t mind being part of the team and working on a team effort.

Big kudos to all the folks at Sierra La Rana for bringing these people out here.

–Ralph McKay is doing a great job with the new Monday Night Movies at the Marfa Book Company. These show at 7 pm sharp (7:30 temporarily because of long sunny days) for free each Monday. This week’s film was Running Stumbled. Stop by the Marfa Book Company for more information, or check in here at West Texas Weekly.

— We still need the following positions filled here at West Texas Weekly:

  • Contributing Editor Nature
  • Contributing Editor Terlingua
  • Contributing Editor Dining

If you’d like to join a quickly growing organization and get experience writing and blogging, then contact me.

–For more crazy, random content like this, look at the West Texas Weekly FriendFeed. It’s full of links, news, music, video and tweets.

I want to thank all our readers. In terms of readership, I’ve just edged out “Explore Gay Chicago”, a rival travel-related blog. Take that, gay Chicago!!!

–Elbert Bassham sent me the results for the 10k:
“There was a very good turnout with 39 runners competing in the 10K race and 35 runners competing in the 5K race. Racers competed with each other in Male/Female and in Age Group categories. There were two hotly contested categories with a study of the photos needed to resolve the contests. Natalia Williams and Martha Silva tied with a photo finish for Overall Female with a time of 0:41:04 for the distance of 5K (3.1 miles). Catherine Rodriguez edged ahead of Lisa Muniz to win 2nd place for Females age 25-29 also for the distance of 5K.

Andrea Conners was our youngest racer and she won 1st place in the 5K age 18-24 category. Virgil Evans was our oldest racer and he won 1st place in the 5K age 70+ category. Stephany Evans from New York came the greatest distance and she won 1st place in the 10K 50-59 category. We had 26 racers from Marfa and 12 from Alpine. Others were from Abilene, Albuquerque, Artesia, Austin, Bastrop, Dallas, Denver City, El Paso, Fair Oaks Ranch, Fort Davis, Harlingen, Houston, McCamey, Midland, Odessa, Plano, Rockport, San Antonio, Santa Fe, Valentine, and Van Horn.