Big Bend Snips August 25th, 2009

Big Bend Snips August 25th, 2009

Update: Dan Gallo writes about the Ciro Rodriguez Town Hall Meeting. Click here to read that article on Daily Kos, one of the great online liberal resources. Dan Gallo sees a small town that is more civil than its urban counterparts:

Maybe the remoteness and the smallness of this corner of Texas makes its residents trust each other more—listen to each other respectfully, be prepared to accept the sanity of those who are different from us, because in day to day life we see each other working and playing and worrying and supporting our community.

This is one of the best pieces of online journalism I’ve seen on the Big Bend in a long time.

Best Made Ax: The Pale Male

Best Made Ax: The Pale Male

Best Made Co. offer the Pale Male (see above). Forget about designer jeans or sheets, be the first on your block to have a $350 designer ax!

–I am sorry to see Elmer Kelton go, to many generations of West Texas readers he was a treasure. At 83, he led a full life of Texas letters. The Washington Post reports on his death here.

— A Lubbock man has dug the message “Say No to Obama” in a field. Click here for the full story.

–Don’t forget about the “There Goes the Summer” photo contest! I’ve received some great entries, but please, send in everything you have.

Cute Puppy

Cute Puppy

— Kareva reminds me that the Alpine Humane Society has thirty or forty dogs they need to either find homes for or euthanize. People! Please step up and adopt a dog. The animals make great companions that will love you with all their hearts. Click here to find out more.

–I’ve gotten lots of great comments regarding the Ciro Rodriguez Town Hall Meeting. Joyce Wright said: “It was a good meeting. It is very hard for me to understand how anyone can believe the outrageous propaganda coming from Fox news. People are responsible what they believe and I think it would be more of a benefit to get the best news possible from stations with a reputation for honesty. I think Ciro is honest and wants to do what is best for the people. I don’t believe he is indebted to the insurance companies. I sincerely hope the people will listen to him.”

Sierra La Rana and the Environmental Advisory Board are making great strides forward in ensuring that Alpine will become a Dark Sky Community:

The Alpine City Council gave the Alpine Environmental Advisory Board approval to seek Dark Skies Designation with the IDA. Pete Smyke the chairmen of the EAB told the City Council that the EAB would request changes in the Alpine lighting ordinance and look at improving Alpine’s outdoor lighting. The IDA has commented on the existing Alpine Lighting Ordinance and made recommendations to have the Alpine Lighting Ordinance meet IDA standards. Bernie Zelazney with the Big Bend Astronomical Society is establishing a Dark Sky Fund to retrofit non-conforming fixtures and to provide educational materials for the public.

According to the IDA, if Alpine becomes designated as a Dark Sky Community, with the work that Sierra la Rana has done to become designated a Dark Sky Development of Distinction and the work that the IDA is doing with Big Bend National Park, the region will become the largest Dark Sky Region in the US.

Click here to read the article at Astronomy magazine.

–I want to give a big thank you to Elms Bookkeeping for helping me bill my advertisers and keep my records straight. Also, a thank you to West Texas National Bank. Neither one of these businesses are advertisers– but they’ve done such a good job of helping me out with my small business problems that they deserve my recogniton.

Liquid Skin at the Railroad Blues was great fun. The crowd was pumped up and dancing the night away. A mysterious woman (Wendy) initiated a conversation with me and left suddenly… are you out there, Wendy?