What is a “Big Giver”?

What is a “Big Giver”?

A Big Giver is a person who gives to our community. It’s one of those rare people who make life in the Big Bend so wonderful through their involvement with community affairs. They define their lives through generosity and love and act as role models for us all. They are from all walks of life.

West Texas Weekly is honored to start a series on folks like this. I think its a shame that we only recognize these people on an intermittent basis— during annual banquets or at special events. We should honor them daily.

Each Big Giver article will be an up close video interview. I will focus on what’s really important– the faith, hope and love that sustains great works of generosity.

This isn’t just for the people who are already getting recognition for their work with charity– this can be veterans, stay-at-home moms, storytellers, clergy, counselors, teachers and so on.

I need your help. Be generous with your praise and nominate a Big Giver by leaving a comment below or e-mailing me at andrewsuber@hotmail.com. Perhaps we can inspire people to give more by working together and illuminating the process of giving.

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5 thoughts on “What is a “Big Giver”?

  1. Virginia Viles

    Bonnie Hill, she lives on Terlingua Ranch. She donates a lot of her time to the Boys and Girls club, the food bank, the thrift store, softball team, she is part of the efforts to straighten out the ranch on both sides. She is always available for others in need.

  2. Lisa Nugent

    There are so many people who tirelessly give to our comminties in so many ways.
    Judge George Grubb- Mountian Man Rendezvous, dedication to Fort and community.

    Bob Dillard- constantly firing up the pit for the next fundraiser. Volunteers with 4-H, Big Bend Livestock show and rodeo, Chamber Board (10 or more years) Historic Fort, announcer at local football games etc.

    Lonn Taylor-everlasting humor and history

    Larry Francell-always a wise solution to every kind of problem. Supports and donates to many organizations. Opens his home each year to the strangers from Missoula who conduct the children’s theatre. Has raised literally millions to re-create the Museum of the Big Bend.

    Mary Bones-Humane Society, Chamber, food pantry.

    Elaine Harmon- Library, Humane society, Catholic Church.

    Dick Slaughter – Dedicated loyal entertainer, commedian, helper, fill in, Bank Robber and announcer for many events held in Fort Davis (parade, humane society, fort & much more)also donates generously to food pantry, humane society, schools, and Fort restoration.

    Roy Scudday- at 86 he still gives his time to different non-profits and actively fights for the rights of all those that live in the area. Supports the Fort and has been an active board member for the Chamber for many years.
    Lorina Wells-Giving is her middle name. Always there when one group or another needs a hand or a good meal.
    Marlen Grey- In conjunction with the Ministerial alliance along with many others serves the lunch program for the jr. sr. high school kids every week known as tuesday school, volunteers to help with programs at the fort, and more-
    David Bischofhausen-Director/manager of Davis Mountians State Park, Indian Lodge and Balmorhea State Park. Makes each entity enjoyable from all stand points. Donates his time to serve the community, most especially the leader, monitor and mentoring of the July 4th clean up crew.

    Hope this helps get you started.

  3. Johanna Nelson

    Hey Andrew.
    My vote would be for Dan McConnell and Roylene M. at the Family Crisis Center’s Deja Vu. They have volunteered there for over 13 years and do a ton and they’re funny.

    Also, Martha Lata with Alpine Recycles

    Chris Carlin with the Big Bend Soccer Association

    BJ Gallego

  4. Kathleen

    I second the nomination for Bonnie Hill.

    I also would like to put in a vote for Larry Gordon and his wife Jo who have been raising their two precious Grandaughters. At an age when they should be retired and kicking back, they are home schooling and loving and giving those gals a great life.