Big Mountain Boogaloo at the Railroad Blues

Big Mountain Boogaloo at the Railroad Blues

These guys do a great mix of Texas singer-songwriter material, backwoods country and bluegrass. You can see them Thursday at the Railroad Blues.

Here they pay tribute to Woodie Guthrie:

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5 thoughts on “Big Mountain Boogaloo at the Railroad Blues

  1. janice keppler

    I really dont understand the accolades this group recieves. i have seen this act and on a scale of 1 to 10 i give them a -1. this act is not worthy to play on the same stage as the shades or los pinche gringos,the rail road blues should really rethink the acts that play there.. harsh but true!

  2. Seth Sonnier

    Yea, we’re not that great of a band, I know. But the accolades you talk about do not exist, and we don’t play for any money, so. We have a lot of fun, and I know other people have fun too. That is what local live music is about. I’m sorry Janice if we don’t play as good as “The Shades”. But I’m sure if you catch us on a good night you would even have fun too. Thank you anyway for your “truthful” opinion. Seth Sonnier (BMB)

  3. Ben T. Shepperd

    I really don’t understand what accolades you’re reffering to, Janice Keppler. Look here, we play music because it’s something we have a passion about doing. Of course we’re not as good as The Shades or The Pinche Gringos, those guys have been playing together for years, but for you to say we’re not worthy to play on the Blues’ stage is an insult I will not abide. Richard and RC have kept high quality acts on stage for 14+ years, and have helped culture local West Texas musicians such as ourselves. So I believe it is you who needs to rethink their actions before you start lambasting a place that is kind enough to open it’s stage to local musicians, which is one of the great reasons to be in West Texas in the first place. Anyway, I’m sorry you didn’t like the show, but please don’t be mean because no one really cares what you think…harsh, but my opinion.

  4. admin

    Hey… you guys are great. You have my accolades. I think this footage speaks for itself. Honest, sincere music that speaks from the heart. Keep going, guys!!!

  5. Kendall

    For the uninitiated: If you like fantastic mandolin and boc-tastic vocals you need to see these guys play. It’s just that simple. – k