Cense’s Adventures with Nutmeg

Cense’s Adventures with Nutmeg

[Post written by cEnsE(cense@mail.ru)]

This section will detail my own experiences while using nutmeg as a hallucinogen (no, i dont use the dictionary). Now most of you are thinking im a fucking moron and suck on my own dick all day if I take nutmeg as a drug. Let me explain.

Nutmeg, yes nutmeg, the household spice used for flavouring and aromasizing (im the shit at making up new words) is also a powerful, depending on dose, drug. Yes, it tastes nasty to most people but im a living example that it can be done without much pain or angst. Alcohol is for pain and agnst, not nutmeg.

Firstly I will explain my own experience and then tell you all the specs you will need to go ahead and try it yourself if you so choose to do. Im assuming that will be dependent on what you think of this TRUE story. IT IS TRUE.

Here goes:

I first heard of nutmeg from my friend who will go by the name of faral. He was having those good ol “I’d rather be drunk all the time than face reality” stages in his life when he discovered the drug. This was while he was out living as an ex-pat in the middle east. Anyways, he came to visit me this one summer carrying the knowledge of nutmeg with him. We did wait a long time before trying the nutmeg as we needed the perfect occasion, and we found it: camping out in the bush with no “chaperone”.

My other friend khemicals (no, he is not a chem head) had planned this camping trip into the woods including me, faral, him, his girl and rico. This trip was all about drinking, smoking the daga and using a high power pellet gun while intoxicated. At least thats what I think this trip was about. Others may have to disagree with me there. We also brought the nutmeg of course.

The plan was take the nutmeg the first night along with booze and weed. Our plan was fucking intense as far as drugs go. All of us, excluding the woman took nutmeg, everyone drank, and me, rico and faral smoked some pot.

The booze and the pot had their usual, gratifying effects on the human body but it was the nutmeg that I would remember for a while.

I was told it takes a while for nutmeg to hit you so we took the shit pretty early (about mid-day) so the effects would come on at night.

One really good thing I noticed at first with nutmeg is that the high comes on reallly unexpected. You just realize its happening much after it begun… hehehe great feeling.

The high was just messed up. I felt like my chair (camping chair) was such a good happy place to be. If I wanted to get something, I found myself saying “fuck it. this chair is nice”. At times I would feel extremely energetic and want to run around with the pellet gun. What a fucking stupid idea, so i was calmly reminded not to be an idiot. The feelings of this high where so messed up. I dont know how to explain it. Perhaps a body high with some kind of odd psycho effects that were harder to comprehend than anything else.

My mood liked to change while on nutmeg. I never got agry or irritable but im guessing thats all dependent on your personality.

Things were slower. Things were rounder and jolly-er. Santa Claus could have been in town, but he was not.

We all played cards to liquor shots and rico ended up getting too drunk to continue. He woke up the next day still still high from the nutmeg as did the rest of us who took it. Unlike pot or booze, nutmeg stays with you. I had never experienced getting up in the morning still high as a kite, but thats exactly what happened the next day. How different that felt…

Anyways back to the night before:

Faral became very woosy but not in a sick way because he was trippin on nutmeg, booze, weed and a lack of nicotine (he ran out of smokes). This was one messed up muther fucker. He was funny and great to talk to the whole time until he passed out on the camping chairs outside. He had lined them up one by one so he could sleep on them. In his nutmeg/booze/herb/nic-fit frenzy, he decided sleeping in the tent was a bad idea because he thought rico was going to puke everywhere. That never happened and he got uncomfortable sleep most of the night. What a sucker.

I was taking shots and supprisingly they tasted good. I guess most things taste good after ingesting nutmeg. Sometimes the sick flavour hits you hard in a bad way so watch out for that if you decide to eat the stuff.

Now I cant say rico or khemicals got too high on the nutmeg, I dont know if they did or not. All that I know is that both of them were rather drunk and thus probably did not even know themselves.

All in all it was a great camping trip and I have no regrets about the nutmeg. The only thing that I found about nutmeg that is odd/uncomfortable after the fact is that you might feel surreal for about 1-2 days. You after taking the drug. You are no longer high, you just feel a bit out of it. Of course, this does depend on the person and how much nutmeg you actually ate.

Thats the story now for some facts:

normal dose = 5-6 grams
time of effect = 5-12 hours
time to kick in = 2-7 hours
days to recover = 1-2 normally

Dont quote me on any of these “facts”… I dont know exactly where i got them from but they do stand as general statements.

Other things to think about:

If you are thinking about taking nutmeg for the first time and dont want to just go nuts with the stuff then try taking only a small (3-5 grams) in one dose and see what happens. If nothing happens then take more.

Its good to stay on the safe side with a drug that can actually kill you…

Have fun and dont eat too much nutmeg, it is lethal in massive amounts or medium amounts of highly potent nutmeg.

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  1. william potter

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