Ciro Rodriguez Town Hall Meeting

Ciro Rodriguez Town Hall Meeting

Update: I attended the town hall meeting. I saw Tom Michael of KRTS there, (he’s conducting an interview with Rep. Rodriguez at 3:30) and Mike and Cindy Perry of the Alpine Avalanche and Jack McNamara of the Nimby News.

Video is downloading to YouTube. Stay tuned.

In general, people seemed more civil than what you’ve seen on television. I think there is a lot of scary misinformation out there about ‘death panels’, abortions, illegal immigrants and other bugaboos that aren’t actually in the bill before the House. Ciro did a great job of defusing these tensions and focusing on the real issue: Americans pay more for health care than anyone else in the world and still lag in important stats such as life expectancy and infant mortality.

[The following e-mail comes from a reader. Thank you for alerting the public to this.]

A couple weeks ago I emailed the office of Rep. Ciro Rodriguez to find out when we would be having a town hall meeting in our area and never received a response. Later I called the congressman and was told by his office that I would be notified of any town hall meeting. A few minutes ago, I called the congressman again, seeing that August is drawing to a close, and given the following information regarding meetings in our area:

  • Alpine: Alexanders Tex Mex Grill – this Saturday at 1:00
  • Marfa: Presidio County Courthouse –

This Saturday at 5:00 I asked his office why my repeated requests for notification had been ignored and was told that “the company handles that”. Apparently our congressman has contracted out the notification of his constituents to a private company. I informed his office that the company never appeared on any ballot I have seen.

My first call was to the Alpine Avalanche. They went to press a couple hours ago and there was absolutely nothing they could do. Cindy Perry stated that Ciro’s office had told her there would be no town hall

My next call was to KALP. Left a message.

Third call was to Marfa Public Radio. Left a message followed by an email.

Fourth call was to Alexanders. When asked if they would notify anyone or post a sign, I was told that they were not asked to do so.

At this point I believe that our Congressman had not acted in good faith in allowing access by his constituents and the local media appears to need a little assistance in getting real news to our citizens. Feel
free to forward this email to anyone you feel may have an interest.
Phone numbers provided below:

  • Rep Ciro Rodriguez 866-915-3493
  • Alpine Avalanche 432-837-3334
  • KALP 432-837-2144
  • Marfa Public Radio 432-729-4578
  • Alexander’s 432-837-5668

7 thoughts on “Ciro Rodriguez Town Hall Meeting

  1. Johanna


    I enjoyed watching these. Thanks for posting. I knew Ciro was coming to town: it was in the two papers, both radio stations and I got several robo phone calls. I don’t know what else people expect to make sure they know.

  2. Mary Bell Lockhart

    Thanks for posting this, Andrew. I had to be out of town and hated missing this meeting, but you made it almost like being there. I’d like also to say that Ciro Rodriguez and his staff have been far, far better at giving us his schedule, coming out into the District and meeting with and listening to constituents than any Congressman we’ve had. I hope he keeps it up.

  3. Joyce Wright

    I attended the meeting and it was jam-packed w/republicans. They were civil. The questions were many and some were repeats. He ran ran out of time and stayed 30 minutes later than planned. It was a good meeting. It is very hard for me to understand how anyone can believe the outrageous propaganda coming from Fox news. People are responsible what they believe and I think it would be more of a benefit to get the best news possible from stations with a reputation for honesty. I think Ciro is honest and wants to do what is best for the people. I don’t believe he is indebted to the insurance companies. I sincerely hope the people will listen to him.

  4. rick ruiz

    I was out of town working at the time. Thank you (Ciro Rodriguez) for making youself available. I know I am about to makle myself some enemies (maybe)… My name is Ricardo Ruiz… I was the Catholic priest here for eleven years…and have moved away from public ministry since 2005…I have NEVER GONE PUBLIC WITH WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY…1)IF SOMEONE HAD ‘COUNSELED’ THE PEOPLE (and their families/survivors) I MINISTERED TO ON THEIR DEATH BED, AND THAT NUMBER WAS MULTIPLIED BY 100, I, ONE PERSON, COULD HAVE SAVED MY COUNTRY ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN ONE YEAR. PEOPLE NEEEEEED TO SAY WHAT THEY WANT AT THE END OF THEIR LIFE… NOT LAWYERS, HOSPITALS, DOCTORS, ETC., COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2) people are worried that the government will come between me and my doctor…….. I respectfully say……….WHAT DOCTOR?????????!!!!!!! I DON’T GOOOOOOOOOO TO A DOCTOR BECAUSE IT’S TOOOOOOOOOO0 EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALOT OF “MACHO(NOT NECESARILY HISPANIC)MEN LIKE ME, DON’T GO TO DOCTORS…….

    3 Why is it that those who already HAVE$$$ are the most VOCAL and OUTRAGED about the consequences of what will happen with the money (SERVICES) of those who HAVE LEAST???!!! R U A CHRISTIAN, BOH..WAH!!!

    4) IN THE “CHRISTIAN” MODERN VOCABULARY, THE WORDS (SINS) of “GREED, ENVY, LUST AND SLOTH” have been disguised as TRUTH (VERSUS CONTROL ), RIGHTEOUSNESS (VERSUS SUBJECTIVITY), and “PURITY”(VERSUS REPRESSIVENESS) AND PROVIDENCE (“leave things as they are and whatever prevails we’ll determine as “God’s Holy Will..”)


  5. Al

    Rick, because you choose not to go to a doctor is no ones fault but yours, many folks are like you “macho” and don’t go to the doctor not because it is so expensive, but because they would rather pay for and have cable channels, cell phones, a big Plasma TV, a new car and spend the rest of their money on cigarettes and booze. There are choices to make and I make the choice to have my family insured, if you choose not to, don’t ask the rest of us to subsidize you health care costs..

  6. Tim

    A little time has passed, obaama and ciro got their way. now lets look at what they did “for us” I’m by no means rich. My wife and I get by. we have health insurance. now THANKS to ciro and obama I get to choose between having insurance for my family or dropping it because our rates are going up $115 PER MONTH! this is because of obama care! So, being on a fixed income I have to make a hard decision. and no I do not have cable tv, or telephone or sattilite or big screen tv’s or new cars. like i said, we are not rich. so for all of you who think ciro is doing you a favor…wake up! and btw, this is just ONE of many new TAXES that we are going to be hit with! maybe ciro should have read the bill before voting on it.