Up Close with a Marfa Ballroom Intern

Up Close with a Marfa Ballroom Intern

[Our Contributing Editor Marfa is Amanda Mayo. Find more of her video here. Read her blog here.]

Amanda Mayo, Contributing Editor for Marfa, interviews Kathleen Nacozy on life in Marfa. I want to give a big thank you to Amanda for helping me out. I have a strong feeling that she will do an excellent job of covering news and events in Marfa.

2 thoughts on “Up Close with a Marfa Ballroom Intern

  1. Kristen

    I love your new contributing editor! Her quick wit and clever banter brightens my day. Thanks!

  2. admin

    I agree with you completely! Amanda is an asset to anyone lucky enough to work with her. Expect to see her make a trip down South to find interesting places to stay and cool places to eat.

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