Cormac McCarthy Archives

Cormac McCarthy Archives

“Steve Davis, curator for the Wittliff Collection at Texas State University in San Marcos, talks about the McCarthy exhibit on display at the Wittliff through Dec. 12. His article, Unpacking Cormac McCarthy, is available online at”

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  1. Ernst Sym-Stroh

    The surreptitious powder theories of Thomas Dalton. The Egbo Assembly, said to have originated at 13th century fairs. Various ideas about legominism and critomancy. Borges insisting, quite correctly, that “the secret is sacred but it is always vaguely ridiculous.” The Mordacaii Brotherhood, so weird and drooling. Leviticon and Maat Kheru, the true intonation, the Flying Legion and Charles Williams and Chullunder Ghose and Mrs. Guppy’s famous transit and the eerie Hastraun sect…. Some time I’m going to write a book about The 14 Secret Masters complete with all the esoteric trimmings, but this isn’t it.

    To begin with, then, let’s just say that The 14 Secret Masters, in certain ways, was a lot like RayJo’s Buddha University. That is, a handy all-purpose cover- name for a number of mail and mail-related activities, not all of them strictly “real”. In the case of The 14 Secret Masters of the World (to give the thing its full sobriquet; hereafter abbreviated 14SM) the emphasis was on the sort of shadowy secret society that exists somewhere between the dingbat metaphysical realms of the Golden Dawn Society and the more lurid down- cellar activities of Fu-Manchu. The 14SM was meant to seem screwball, but it definitely had its meaningless aspects.