David Beebe Three, Jackie Pepper at Padre’s Marfa

David Beebe Three, Jackie Pepper at Padre’s Marfa

Padre’s Marfa is a great example of West Texas music here in Marfa Texas! This beer joint is going to be jumping. If a cold RC cola and Hebrew National frank with homemade chile con carne don’t get you excited then the music will. Here is The David Beebe Three performing “Talk to Me”, a Joe Seneca classic:

Thank you to Beverly Montgomery for shooting the Padre’s footage.

I also ran into Boyd Elder. He talks a little bit about Marfa’s newest juke joint:

Also, the Rolling Gallery presented their unique look at African-American history “Black History through the Eyes of a White Girl”. This is a unique cultural event that celebrates art and journalism of the Civil Rights Era.

If your ever curious about what’s shaking at Padre’s, check out their site here. You can also buy tickets for the upcoming shows– they will sell out, so get tickets early.

I was also very impressed by three vintage pinball machines, two shuffleboard tables, a cocktail version of “Burger Time” and a spacious yard. It’ll be open from lunch till late nights for food and fun making it one of the best place to hang out during these spring nights.