End Credits at Marfa Public Radio

End Credits at Marfa Public Radio

End Credits is a show dedicated to movie soundtracks. You can hear it at Marfa Public Radio from 3 to 4 on Tuesdays.

2 thoughts on “End Credits at Marfa Public Radio

  1. Ralph McKay

    If you could remove the “End Credits” video it would be appreciated. My now former co-host, Carel Rowe, was extremely upset that I failed to credit her in this off-the-cuff interview. I have left the show.



  2. Carel Rowe

    Having created and founded the highly successful weekly program on film scores alone for six months, I was delighted to acquire a co-host and a bit surprised to watch him imply he now produced the show.
    But there were many remarkable programs for a year and am currently interviewing potential co-hosts for another weekly film music show on Marfa Public Radio. Contact me here or on marfalist.org if you love movies, music and radio. See you at the station.
    Carel Rowe