Gas Buddy for Midland Odessa

Gas Buddy for Midland Odessa

Goddamn it! Gas prices are going through the freaking roof! This is bad news for the Big Bend because we are at the end of the supply chain and the distances out here require a lot of driving for a ‘normal’ life. My dad has to make a 60 mile round trip to check his mail. He has to make a 150 mile round trip to visit a grocery store (and I don’t count that over-priced shithole, the Study Butte store, as a grocery store.)

Here’s a useful website. It lists the lowest gas prices throughout America. Click here to see the lowest gas prices for Midland/Odessa.

Are we at the peak of oil production yet?

“In February 2007, the U.S. Government Accountability Office published a stu­dy that examines the steps that would need to be taken in order to protect against a peak-oil fallout. The GAO concluded that there are a variety of factors that will ultimately influence the arrival of peak oil. Consider peak oil as a marathon, one where each of the runners’ progress has an effect on the others. Each of the runners — oil consumption, oil production and alternative fuel technology — is involved in the oil peak, which we’ll call a grim finish line.

In this race, oil production appears to have a tight lead over oil consumption. But remember, in this marathon, each of the runners’ progress affects the others. So every time alternative energy sources have a burst of speed — say, through some new advancement in biofuel technology — oil consumption slows down.­ The same goes for another runner who is relatively new to the race: conservation. This runner can surge ahead, perhaps through new government regulation, which forces auto makers to increase the fuel efficiency of new cars. In the same way, this would slow down consumption and prolong the race.”

One thing is for certain: America’s domestic oil production has already peaked. It peaked in 1971, but oil demand has not gone down. This makes our nation a hostage to foreign oil production. We’ve given the blood of our nation’s youth for a stable oil supply… WHERE IS IT?

Gasoline is conservatively estimated to reach $3.50 to $3.75 by summer (source Rich Kloza, Oil Price Information Service). Other more dire prediction place a high of $4-$5 soon.