Geodesic Domes in Terlingua

Geodesic Domes in Terlingua

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woodcutquotesleftGeodesic domes have been around since WWI and were engineered by Walter Bauersfeld but named by Buckminster Fuller, who currently has a touring retrospective most recently at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The concept of the geodesic dome consists of a lattice like structure based on a network of circles that lay on the surface of the sphere.

Recently there has been a surge of interest in these domes as they are easy to build, sustain, and can be energy effecient. In Far West Texas Trevor Reichman is building a recording studio dome with the help of Don the dome builder.

It is a process that involves adobe, stucco, concrete, and cobb. In order to cure the stucco it needs to be watered daily for a week.woodcutquotesright


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  1. Amanda Mayo

    More info from the builder himself: “The main building component in this dome is ferrocement (metal and cement based stucco). The stucco is made mostly from sand found near the work site and then filtered. The outer material will be cob (similar to adobe, but hand sculpted instead of bricks).

    Don Bryant, the dome designer, recommends watering down fresh stucco daily for a month. It makes the difference between the structure lasting 3000 years instead of just 1000.”

    Such a fascinating process!

  2. katherine chambers

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    Help us out a little bit, Katherine… what’s this guy’s name? What’s his son’s name? What was the name of the business? When was he out here?