High Desert Sketches: Memorial Day

High Desert Sketches: Memorial Day


Anna-Marie by George Covington

[These thoughts on Memorial Day come from George Covington. George is a local photographer, columnist and celebrity whom people from all walks of life treasure as an inspiration. Born legally blind, with less than ten percent of normal vision, George first achieved national media attention for his work in using photography as a seeing tool. Read more of his thoughts at the Alpine Avalanche.]

Recently I learned from Max Bell that he would shortly be leaving to join the US Marine Corp. I was startled to learn from Max that Winston Langridge was already fighting in Afghanistan and that his brother, William, would shortly be deployed. I also learned that Cody Rodriguez will be joining the marines shortly after he graduates form high school this week. I have known these four young men since their early teens and I will always remember them the way they were back then. Many of my peers served in Viet Nam and all of my close friends returned. I cannot begin to imagine what a parent feels, to me these young men will always be in their youth. Anna Marie Rodriguez has written a poem for each of her children upon graduation from high school. I am running the poem in this column and it is dedicated to all the young people who are starting out their lives in a turbulent era of this country’s history. The poem applies to everyone and could not be more universal. Come home safely everyone.

Here it is, the time is set
Eighteen years of hard work and sweat
This diploma will be your beginning
Down the road with endless possibilities
In a world full of bountiful opportunities

The youngest of four, you were the one
With a laugh so loud
That like a fever, it would catch us all
Take that with you my son, down this yellow brick road…

For life is risk, with nothing ventured, then nothing gained….

To fall in love with someone is to take a chance
But to be afraid would deprive life of romance
To pick a field of study or set out on a career
Is a gamble moved by passion and not through fear.

We can’t read the future
It’s behind a heavy curtain
And thus how things turn out
Is never absolutely certain

But behind you I stand
The youngest in our clan
Your wisdom will come with the ages
As life whisks you through its pages

Being prepared the best you can
Comes with the knowledge given to you at hand
To make the choices that life demands

So never fear the “what if” of life
It will only make you worry
Just give it your best
And let life work out the rest

I love you Cody


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