Ghosttown 24

Ghosttown 24

“Guns, the family jewels in a mason jar, and living in a bus without an engine… life couldn’t be better for the real-life offbeat citizens of Texas’ Terlingua Ghost Town.” Check out this documentary on Terlingua living here.

“Once an epicenter for mining, the remote desert town of Terlingua is a literal shell of its former self. Naturally, it’s the final stop for those fleeing modern society and seeking ultimate freedom of personal expression. Join the residents of Terlingua for just 24 hours, and they’ll not only make you laugh; they’ll make you wonder who’s right about this thing we call ‘life.'”

3 thoughts on “Ghosttown 24

  1. kyle lusk

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  2. Johanna Nelson

    I was down south last weekend and heard for the first time about this film via Mr.Menudo. WOW THAT’s FANTASTIC! Where can we see it?! I asked Robin L. of the Marfa Film Fest and sadly it won’t be played there…
    have you seen it Andrew? What is Glenn shooting at by the way? And Pablo was really a brain surgeon? I have a lot of questions about this project. Thanks for the post.