Harry Potter Midnight Movie

Harry Potter Midnight Movie

Update: There was a palpable sense of history and magic in the air. Everyone was excited to be there. At 10:30 it seemed unlikely that you would get in the theater, at midnight it was impossible. People had brought pillows, snacks and board games to endure the time in line.

Rangra Theater will have a midnight showing of “Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince”. West Texas Weekly will be there to take pictures of your costumes.

  • Click here to visit the Rangra Theater website.
  • Watch the trailer at YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Midnight Movie

  1. noa

    That was amazing, to think that many people showed up for a movie. Great! I would have been there if I had a babysitter.

  2. FortDavisD00D

    ALL HARRY POTTER FANS ARE NERDS! The police needs to look at this tape and find pedofiles. You need to watch a man movie like DIE HARD or PREDATOR.