West Texas Weekly is Looking for Interns/Editors

West Texas Weekly is Looking for Interns/Editors

Do you need a job, volunteer opportunity or internship? Apply to West Texas Weekly today.

It will look great on your resume, will give you relevant skills for the changing media market, will help your blog or website and will help contribute to independent media in West Texas.
I need the following:

  • Interns for video reporting
  • Sales Associate
  • Contributing Editor for the following subjects: Nature, Marfa, Terlingua, Fort Davis, Photography

Contact me here.

13 thoughts on “West Texas Weekly is Looking for Interns/Editors

  1. Voni Glaves

    I’d love to be a Contributing Editor for Nature, Terlingua, and Photography. I live 25 miles north of Study Butte and love to take pictures and share this unique community. My husband and I are leaving on a 5 month motorcycling wander but I’ll be glad to start in September.

    Some of my recent photography is here:

    I appreciate what you are doing and would love to help!


  2. admin

    Thank you very much, Voni. I’d love to have you contribute when you get back from your trip.

    There’s an upcoming photography contest, so start thinking of what you would like to submit. The only limitation is that the submission has to be your own and it has to be from the Trans-Pecos. Thanks for your feedback!

  3. Anita Coberly

    I am interested in the Contributing Editor for the following subjects: Nature, Marfa, Terlingua, Fort Davis, Photography job. I love this area of texas and would love to photograph it more.

  4. Ring Huggins

    Hey Bud,

    I would not mind making some contributions too.

    Maybe something about survival in the desert. Gardens, Chickens, taking care of yourself out here.


  5. DANNY

    I was the person who read the article/pic and the subline ‘Free the Hutaree 17″and called him a fruitcake,,I dont think any reasonable person looking at the whole pic and underlying comment calling would be cop killers heros anything but a fruitcake,,,I stand by my statement ,remember the Hutaree 17(or was it 13?)were arrested for not only plotting to kill a police officer but then they planned on planting IED’S to kill his family/other cops and mourners at his funeral,,the “Last Patriot”applauded them and called them “SOLDIERS DEDICATED TO GOD AND COUNTRY”,,,frankly fruitcake is a compliment ,,

  6. Andrew Suber

    Danny, I agree with you completely. Don’t confuse me with my contributors. Last Patriot and I don’t see eye to eye on nearly any issue (thus his byline describing him a lunatic).

  7. Andrew Suber

    Apparent, I am trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. The best I can do is help you get your message to the world and bring traffic to your website. If you can write articles under my editorial guidance, I’ll give you a $25 article fee.

    I am starting up an e-mail list for all the folks out there who have been interesting in contributing. Keep an eye out in your inbox.

    However, if I hear of anything I’ll let you know first.

  8. Leslye Waldock

    I have a vast collection of digital photos of my area (6 miles north of Study Butte on 118)as well as from the Big Bend as a whole. Would love to share them. Taking pictures as a job just doesn’t add up for me. But I am more than willing to donate them for the cause. Let me know about the upcoming photo contest, sounds fun! Thanks!

  9. Andrew Suber

    That’s awesome news, Leslye.

    I am going to start having a photo contest with a cash prize every two months. Hopefully, I can hit on a theme that you can ‘vibe’ with.

    Pick out a couple of your favorite photos and send them to me at andrewsuber@hotmail.com

    I will place them in the weekly post and credit you.