Rules for the Porch (you can bring your dog and beer)

Rules for the Porch (you can bring your dog and beer)

Dear Reader,
Dog has a beer
Thank you so much for visiting my website. I try hard to make it entertaining and informative.

As members of my audience, YOU are the people that make it fun and exciting each morning to open up my e-mail inbox or check my tweets.

A hundred years ago, here in the Big Bend, people met up at the general store or the village well to exchange opinions, debate, gossip and ideas. When I was a child growing up in Terlingua 20 years ago, the Study Butte Porch served this purpose.

West Texas Weekly is simply a technological evolution of that community space. Kick back, pretend you’re at the Study Butte Porch. Then open up a cold one and listen to a fanciful yarn or a political debate. Don’t feel self-conscious– if you have a pair of lungs, chime in with your opinion.

Like any community space, there are little, thoughtful things you can do to make it a more inviting space.

The un-stated rule at the Study Butte Porch was you bought your beer there at the store. I want to let you know how you can buy a beer from my porch.

  1. Comment. The easiest thing you can do is take the extra time and comment on a post with your opinion. All of your comments will show here on the home page in the left sidebar. Answer another reader’s question or explain a little bit about life out here in the Big Bend. Don’t worry about which post you leave the comment on… don’t worry about the details… just start expressing yourself.

    Ask questions… list events… article ideas… reminscinces… tell about some good service that surprised you… tell about some bad service that surprised you… disagree, agree. It all goes on the front page for the world to see and react to.

  2. Visit my sponsors and underwriters. You can find them in the sidebar to the left, on the LINKS page or scattered throughout the site. They believe in local independent media and put their money where their mouth is. Thank you!
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Do you want to make sure that West Texas Weekly continues to provide new, fun and informative content? Follow the rules of the porch and you will leave this website better than when you found it (and yes, you can drink on the porch and dogs are allowed.) [A.S.]

One thought on “Rules for the Porch (you can bring your dog and beer)

  1. Amy Jones

    RULES FOR THE PORCH——You’ve got to be kidding. I guess some arrogant a$$holes (bullies) has posted rules and if not followed, death is their sentence. I’ve been there many times, please desert rats don’t ruin it.