Historic Hotels of the Big Bend: Cibolo Creek Ranch

Historic Hotels of the Big Bend: Cibolo Creek Ranch

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Visiting Cibolo Creek Ranch was a treat for me. As I stepped out of my car, black horses played together about a hundred yards away. A herd of longhorn cattle were there as well, just as they would have been in Milton Faver’s time.

The grounds are immaculately kept. The fort and the spring water that runs through transported me to a tranquil time that can rarely be re-captured. The spring water murmurs, and the beauty of the landscape suggests that a horseback ride or a siesta is in order.


The Ranch seems more remote than it is; its proximity to Mexico makes you feel as if you are either in a strangely familiar foreign country, or in an idealized version of the West. Either way, it is a wonderful feeling. I immediately felt the stress of running the Big Bend’s best online publication melt from my body and mind.

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