A Word of Introduction

A Word of Introduction

This is the first issue of West Texas Weekly. It comes after an intense week of drinking Diet Coke and staring at a computer screen.

I will provide the best information on our home, West Texas. I need your help in this endeavor; contact me with events, info, blog posts, pictures, interviews and anything else.

It’s a new endeavor. Text, video and images all hyperlinked together in an intuitive interface. Searchable. Easy to use.

Also, you can comment on any thing that strikes your fancy. You can dispute something, or correct it. The effect will be immediate.

It’s interactive and inclusive. Technology should be a tool for building community, and I want this to accomplish that goal from a technical standpoint and also from an ethical standpoint. I respect the diversity of our community here and want to contribute to that diversity by accepting content from all.

Thank you all very much for your comments and support for this new enterprise. Please help me keep it going by clicking my sponsored links.

15 thoughts on “A Word of Introduction

  1. Doc Cactus (JP Schwartz)

    West Texas Blue Monday every Monday 7:12 PM or so (after Ramblin’ Boy Recast) until 9:00 PM. With Mark Pollock. Congratulations on this new web endeavor! Looks good. We’ve needed this for a long long time!

  2. admin

    I posted about West Texas Blue Monday and Trans-Pecos Guitars. Keep those comments coming in! I’m glad to promote any local person in any of their endeavors… just let me know how I can help.

  3. admin

    John, this is great stuff. My Dad lives off the grid in Terlingua himself, so I really identify with the amount of self-reliance and intelligence that goes into this type of project. I’m putting a link in my links section and picking out a good post for the main section. I would love to come down and shoot a little bit of video for local people who are interested in renewable energy. Rock on!!!

  4. Erin Caro Aguayo

    The Cenizo Journal (cenizojournal.com) will publish its first issue in early April, and still has available space for advertisers at reasonable prices. The journal covers topics of culture (where possible) and happenings in far West Texas, and will have a 10,000 copy free distribution every quarter. So, buy an ad and support all of us Brewster/Presidio writers, artists, etc. who have worked very hard and now are hoping to see our efforts in print. Contact Wendy Lynn Wright, advertising@cenizojournal.com, 850.933.7688

  5. Lavanna Martin

    Hi, Andrew.

    I am glad that your weekly is finally up – but weekly? Come on, I know that there is daily excitement out there!

    I’m originally from West Texas – we were oil field trash – moved all around.

    Please add me to your blogroll. The title of it is: I Stare at People. It’s a habit that I picked up out there just to have something to do. Then, I started painting them, w/o getting caught. You can find me at: lavanna.com.

    Thank you, Lavanna

  6. admin

    I’ll add you to the links, Lavanna. If you could link me back, I’d appreciate it.

    And yes, I have been blogging daily… but I’ve been doing it in a spirit of the weekly 🙂 Everything is organized in terms of relevance of the upcoming weekend. It’s organized like this on Wednesday so people can check out what’s going on that weekend.

    Let me know when you have an event that needs promotion.

  7. Dr J.P. Schwartz

    After Cowboy party at Granada Theater next friday
    After the events at the Cowboy Poetry Fest at Sul Ross there will be a free party
    at the Granada Theater featuring Jim Wilson, “The Singing Sheriff” on stage…
    Non smoking venue… come early and stay late even if you aren’t one of those cowboy types!
    No horses allowed in the theater… park them outside…

  8. Kathleen

    Great idea–thank you for this weekly news.

    I just got back to Austin area from visiting my land in Terlingua for a few days.
    The Antelope motel in Alpine lets Terlingua owners stay there for a huge chunck of change off their motel room price. I just said I was a Terlingua land owner and the price of my room came down from $65 to $45