Is It Too Late?

Is It Too Late?

[The Last Patriot is a right-wing extremist from Fort Davis, Texas. His opinions are generally in direct opposition to those of West Texas Weekly’s editorial staff.]

Surveillance cameras. Unmanned drones with cameras. Non-lethal weapons and chemical castration. Books like “1984” and movies like “Harrison Bergeron” seem less like fiction every day.

While it may be true that we have moved past the physical year 1984 I wonder whether mankind will see the spirit Orwell represented.

The Last Patriot looks out over the people as if I am the Dark Knight lounging in the Batcave and Gotham city is being run by the residents of the Arkham Asylum! (And Harry Reid is the Joker, thank you very much)

It doesn’t take but once to have your constitutional rights waived for you by one supposed protector/servant to start wondering why infamous warnings from our founding fathers such as “when people fear the government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people there is liberty” go unnoticed when so many American Citizens do have their constitutional rights tread upon as though they are nothing.

It all begins, as Orwell pointed out, that it begins with the break-down of education. It is astounding to see how many college students don’t know their constitutional rights! Remove the parents from the education of their children so they no longer need to care. Disallow the discipline of said children and under-educate them so they no longer care.

There is a fail safe in our system that is supposed to revert the power to the people, should an elitist aristocracy arise. It’s all part of the check and balance system we’re built on. The destruction of basic human rights, equality and liberty will come when the people no longer care for the power over their government until it is too late.

Fight the power! Give something back to the community and teach a child to use a weapon or run a militia! Vote these turkeys out of office! Put the ‘secede’ in ‘succeed’!

And by the way… mad genius Alex Jones believes we are 12 MONTHS FROM ‘MAD MAX’ STYLE ANARCHY!!!


8 thoughts on “Is It Too Late?

  1. Dean Philpot

    Max is on the way. The Last Patriot is 100% right on target. For God and Country -The Republic of Texas.

  2. Andrew Suber

    “Give something back to the community and teach a child to use a weapon or run a militia!”

    Are you serious, Last Patriot? Teach a child to use a weapon?

  3. Andrew Suber

    Last Patriot makes some surprisingly cogent points in this article… but, in the long run he wants Pentecostal Christian child soldiers running around and attacking Federal buildings. Right?

  4. The Last Patriot

    I am the DArk Knight that will save this pitiful city from destruction… hate me all you want, but someone has to sacrifice for the future of Western Civilization.

    The true destructor of the Western European way of life will be the GameBoy, Twitter and other distractions from military tactics, civic duty and God.

  5. The Mysterious Stranger

    I am in complete agreement with the Last Patriot. If he ran for local office, I would gladly elect him. His views faithfully reflect those of the area.

  6. Chooly

    Amalgamation, disintegration, and diversification. Mind, body and spirit. Mankind soars at light speed towards technological orgasm, cries and whimpers over the realization of the cost, and lashes out with anger and confusion, wishing for peace and clarity.