J’accuse! (you of making things up)

J’accuse! (you of making things up)

I received the following comment from reader Rick McDowell regarding two of the authors on this website:

The “Last Patriot” and the “Classical Wineaux” are fictional characters created by Andrew Suber for the sole purpose of inciting controversial opinions, slandering local establishments and pathetic attempts to drive up traffic on this site. If it wasn’t so insulting to my intellegence, standing up for our Constitution or simply not having the “stones” to attatch your own name to criticism of small businesses trying to make a living, I wouldn’t have bothered. The first oath taken to a “free press” is truth.

You could have accomplished all these goals and maintained your integrity if you had simply spoken in truth.

I would like to clear the air and discuss these accusations.

A Dumpy Computer Nerd

Mom! Bring me a Diet Coke! I have a blog post to write!

First, the aim of this website is to inform and entertain my audience. It is not an undertaking of “serious” journalism. To me, “Classical Wineaux” is obviously a pen name… and his byline states that he drinks whiskey as his occupation. In my mind, that is a signal to the audience to take his thoughts and opinions with a grain of salt.

Am I Classical Wineaux? I won’t say. He may be a third-party contributor. It may be me writing under a pen name. It could even be a pen name that the editorial staff as a whole uses. However, I stand behind his opinions completely as the publisher and editor of the site. If I didn’t think that his opinions had some merit to them, I wouldn’t publish them. I ACCEPT FULL MORAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVERY WORD ON THIS WEBSITE.

Second, there is nothing wrong with trying to incite strong opinions. It’s what the NFL does by staging a game. It’s what an action film’s villain or the heel in a wrestling match does. I hope that everyone who reads this site finds something they disagree with. To quote Revelation 3: 15-16: “I know your works; I know that you are neither cold nor hot. So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

Third, an opinion cannot be slander. A work presented as parody or humor cannot be slander. The truth cannot be slander. The only thing that can be slander is a false statement presented as the literal truth that harms another reputation. If Rick can point out exactly what was slanderous, I will retract it and apologize. The Pressboxx is a s@#$hole, though, and I stand behind that statement 100%. That is not slander; it’s an opinion that is probably objectively true. If I said it was a charming place to sip a Mimosa then I would be a god@#$ liar.

Rick, I accept your criticism. If I didn’t actually care about truth and integrity, I would have just discarded your comments and swept everything under the rug. Instead, I’m taking the bull by the horns and answering your accusations specifically.

P.S. Stop by Rick’s Bullshirtz. I had my Trivia Nut t-shirts made there and he did a good job.

2 thoughts on “J’accuse! (you of making things up)

  1. Hondo Lane

    You have accomplished goal number one! Hell, I read this sumbitch and I live in Houston!

  2. Carl Welborn

    I love this site it is informative and entertaining and it makes me think about things that maybe I would think about and read opinions I may not hear otherwise. It give me a sense of what the people of the area may be like. I own land out there in Terlingua and until I actually drive out there I have no other way of getting to know the area and people that live there than sites like this. Thank You and I appreciate this site keep it up.