John Hogan Band

John Hogan Band

[Reader Maria Moss sent in the following announcement]
Andrew, dammit! You’ve unfacebooked yourself and I can’t send you the ten-millionth Jon Hogan Band gig invitation. I miss your grumpy green face in my friends list. How bracing a delight it is to find the WTW site again and read your “Contact” page. So here’s some stuff about my lame “band.” Please give a fuck.

You—or somebody–posted a video of ours last fall, when we played in Terlingua Church with Doc Cactus. Well, we said we were coming back in the spring and indeed we are. And I gotta tell you, we’re way more scorch-folk than that peaceful video. Like here, with Butch Morgan sitting in…

Or here, while making a record…

Come see us if you want, ok? The Doc will be sitting in. We’ll tear it up for you.

Starlight Theater, March 25-26. On Friday the 25th, 7 pm-close, we’ll play old-time scorch and originals that sound like it. On the 26th, after we play 7-9, Gurf Morlix also plays a set and they’ll show a shortened version of the Blaze Foley documentary. We’ll play a late set after that. This is pretty cool all around. We made a record last year of songs of Townes Van Zandt and Blaze Foley, including Hogan’s three posthumous co-writes with Blaze. So Saturday the 26th will be a TVZ/Blaze night in Terlingua.

Railroad Blues, Thur., March 31, 9 pm. Mark Pollock on upright bass, and maybe a Border Blaster or two.

Padre’s, Fri., April 1, 8:30 pm. With the Border Blasters and Mark Pollock.

Oh, there’s lots to tell you, about making a new record the old-fashioned way–on half-inch tape around a single ribbon microphone—but that would be flackery, and as a former journalist myself I’m against it.

But if a person wanted to know more about us, or, you know, hear songs and see videos, they could go to

That would pretty much do it.

Hope to see you while we’re out West.

Warm regards,