Juliana Johnson Shows at MSRC

Juliana Johnson Shows at MSRC

The Murphy Street Raspa Company at 100 W. Murphy in Alpine has an ongoing exhibition by Juliana Johnson.

From 6pm to 8 pm, Murphy St. Raspa Co. will host the art opening of Juliana’s “Nopales y Vistas”, a collection of paintings that have been described by both renowned critics and dilettantes alike as “an incredible profile of the [region’s] landscape in a brilliant and yet quiet style” and “killer diller”.

8 thoughts on “Juliana Johnson Shows at MSRC

  1. Charlotte Allen

    I really enjoy this website and discoverd it today through a link from the latest Alpine Chamber newsletter. You certainly have an excellent Weekly blog.

    Please permit me to submit some information that could be added to your site if you so desire. Photographs can be forwarded as needed.
    More information is provided than space allowed perhaps, but feel free to edit as you wish.

    Regarding artwork in Alpine, I would like to submit the following news item. Texas Highways Magazine’s May 2009 issue will be featuring a full page color photograph of our newest outdoor mural/silohette entitled “Judy, the Burro Lady”. Unveiled at our 30th anniverdary celebration, this life-sized metal sculpture, located at Apache Trading Post in Alpine, depicts Judy Magers riding her beloved burro.

    As locals recall, the burro lady’s legacy was celebrated throughout the region during Alpine’s ArtWalk’s 2007. James Evans’ classic black and white photograph of the burro lady was featured in an exhibit and on posters during the event.

    Apache Trading Post’s metal artwork was designed and created by Alan Gerson, of Gerson Artworks formerly of Alpine, who has returned to his studio in Brenham.

    To compliment the new mural and to hear about the burro lady’s life history, visitors are also treated to a musical rendition of “The Ballad of the Burro Lady” which can be heard inside at the Spirit of the West Gallery adjacent to the trading post.

    Visitors can not only listen to Neil Trammel’s exclusive ballad, as commissioned by owner, Charlotte Allen, but images and accounts of the burro lady’s life story may be purchased as well.

    The music is played while visitors peruse a permanent fine art photography installation there. Color images and black and white images depict the cowhand’s vision of West Texas ranch life. All works of art have been handsomely framed by Keri Artz of Kiowa Gallery downtown.

    So. the history of the region can be visually and vocally experienced in this gallery. Museum quality photography of historic o6 ranch is captured on film by acclaimed photographer and ranch owner Diane Lacy. Her work tells the story of how her 9 generation family shaped the cattle industry in this vast and beautiful region.

    Regarding the artwork of a second outdoor mural, Roadside America.com has posted a photograph of some motorcyclists enjoying a photo op posed within the art.

    This 14 foot metal mural, entitled “Jack-assic Park” is set beside a corral of 6 real LIVE and very friendly donkeys. In March of this year, a motorcyclist from Ontario, Canada saw the photograph on the popular website and made a special trek to see the mural for himself.

    He and his buddies posed with his fellow bikers inside the five donkey face plates. Above the mural is a 3 dimensional donkey head pertruding from a cut-out of the state of Texas. The smiling sculpted burro’s head is loving dubbed, Don Key Hote’.

    Mugs shots taken inside the mural’s comical face plates always gets a laugh. Taking on such alter ego faces as “Smart Ass”, “Dumb Ass”, “Candy Ass”, “Half Ass” or even “Lazy Ass” is worth the photo op for anyone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

    And photos taken with the live donkeys always make the BEST West Texas souvenir of all!

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  3. Albert Ledezma

    All I was wondering if anyone will be covering the Motorcycle rally in Sanderson Texas this weekend April 17th – 19th, its being held by Alpine and Del Rio locals. This will include venders and a motorcycle parade will be held Saturday at 2pm. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 432.230.8392

    Thank you
    Albert Ledezma