Last Patriot: Death Sentence for Illegal Immigrants

Last Patriot: Death Sentence for Illegal Immigrants

[The Last Patriot is a right-wing extremist from Fort Davis, Texas. His opinions are generally in direct opposition to those of West Texas Weekly’s editorial staff.]

That’s right! Yessiree, that’s right!

I propose the death sentence for all illegal immigrants.

Now before you say, “Oh no! He’s racist!”, listen to what I have to say. I want to kill every illegal immigrant, white, black or brown. If a piece of Euro-trash comes to America without a visa, I’ll put my Walther up to the side of his Dolce Gabbanas and turn him into a wet spot.

Mexican Illegal Immigrants

15 Illegals, 15 Problems. 15 Bullets, No Problems.

We are in a state of war. The war is between the Anglo-Saxon principles of freedom perfected in the Constitution and the weak-minded octopus of ‘gimme gimme gimme’.

If we are not careful the illegal immigrants will breed us out of existence. It seems like all these illegal immigrants always got six or seven kids. The United States will then look like Mexico. How come we got the part with the good roads?

I’ll tell you how:

  • We rejected the Church of Rome and its Papish conceits
  • We created a philosophy that rewarded hard work and decency
  • We created a strong armed forces based on obedience to God and the principles of Freedom
  • Individual state militias fought the hydra of Socialism, Communism and moral degeneracy

We are tempting God. He is passing judgment on us. In our short-sighted desire to build railroads we let in Chinese with their opium and gambling. In our short-sighted desire to eat tacos and have clean toilets, we are now letting in Mexicans.

If we do not stop this, English will be a dead language. The Bible will be a dead liturgical work in Latin. Our children will eat beans instead of beefsteak. And Selena will be the number one singer of all time.