Lessons From Terlingua 1: Keep It Simple

Lessons From Terlingua 1: Keep It Simple

[The following is taken from the lost testament of the Terlingua Naz.]

Keep it simple.

If you have enough beans and bacon to make a meal and it ain’t raining on your head, count your blessings.

Is your rent paid? Good. Do you have a six-pack in the fridge? Good. That’s all you need.

Tote that load, drink that beer, smoke that roach (wash rinse repeat).

Don’t have any money? Got problems? Go down to the Study Butte store, get some canned food, beer and gas on credit and skip the fuck out of town. Keep it simple. Sleep in your car in a Wal-Mart parking lot, just keep it simple.

Canteen Tim lived in a van. He read Heavy Metal magazine and listened to Rush and smoked reefer. His life was perfect. He always had a canteen of water and a cold beer. You think those Harvard professors are happier than Canteen Tim?

Be like Canteen Tim. Keep it simple.

Supposedly Einstein used bar soap to shave. He didn’t like having an additional unnecessary type of soap. He was very intelligent… and maybe more like Canteen Tim than we like to admit.

A lot of the problems in Terlingua today stem from not heeding this advice. Ambition is a dead end (O Lord it took me so long to find that out).