Letters and Comments July 23rd

Letters and Comments July 23rd

inkwell2In this new feature we take a look at some of the comments you’ve left me and the e-mails you have sent me. If you don’t know how to leave a comment, click here to learn how.

I have a received a lot of positive response about the video from Tyler and Lena’s wedding party. Here, Lena’s aunt thanks me:

Hey Andrew…I’m Lena Hill-Spurgin’s Aunt…thanks so much for the post on their wedding…. It was truly a remarkable weekend for them and they are soooo happy.

I subscribe to West Texas Weekly and enjoy reading and watching all that you do. I wish I could’ve met you at Marfa but I was probably busy shuffling food around! Maybe next time.


I want to give a big thank you to Tim Wilde and Jose Aguayo— these guys e-mail me great links and press releases all the time.

One of the funniest debates we’ve had on here is one between a Marfa Ballroom supporter and a Lyle Lovett detractor. Let me make my position clear– I think that the Marfa Ballroom does an excellent job of bringing art and music here to West Texas. One of my anonymous posters disagreed:

I don’t need to spend $10,000 to see Lyle Lovett. All I have to do is rent David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead’ for $1.95 and I got front-row seats.

This is the biggest lapse of judgment since Julia Roberts got hitched to this joker.

My good friend Mercer Black brought us back to reality:

Ballroom has spent tremendous time, effort and expense entertaining locals. I can’t tell you the incredible music I’ve seen (most of which with a $10 cover) over the last 4 years thanks to Vance Knowles and the Ballroom team. Ghostland Observatory. Okerville River. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. Adam Carroll. Robert Earl Keen. Just to name a few…

The Great Sticker Controversy is over… I received press from the AP… I’ve made my apologies and all grudges are forgiven. One of the nice results, though, is all the positive feedback I got from fans such as Loren and J. P. Schwartz:

  • Hey! Any chance I could have some of those stickers? I would love to put some up around Dallas (we don’t have much left that’s aesthetically pleasing anyhow). I love love love your site!
  • Those stickers show that there is life outside the party line in the area! bring em on!

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