List Your Favorite Restaurant for Free

List Your Favorite Restaurant for Free

West Texas Weekly now features a free Big Bend restaurant directory. Advertisers and sponsors will receive preferential listing, but anyone can submit a basic listing for free.

In order to post a free directory listing, comment on this post with your listing.

  • Anyone, a fan or a business owner, can submit as many listings as they like. Use a seperate comment for each listing.
  • It should be in the following form: Mom’s Cafe– 412 Home Rd., Terlingua, TX (432) 555-2133‎ $
  • Pay attention to punctuation.
  • Be sure the information is accurate.
  • It must be less than 140 characters.

West Texas Weekly is quickly becoming the go-to source for Big Bend restaurants, diners and cafes. It is the number one Google result for ‘west texas dining’ and does well for ‘marfa dining’, ‘alpine dining’ and ‘terlingua dining’. This directory will be the best and most up-to-date dining directory for the Big Bend.

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7 thoughts on “List Your Favorite Restaurant for Free

  1. Don Mahan

    My favorite resturant in the Big Bend Area is Tivo’s. For great home cooked Mexican fare, it is the best. I live in Houston, Texas and can’t wait to get back to Tivo’s for a great meal.

    Don Mahan

  2. Anonymous

    Yummy! The Gulf Station Cafe- 202 W. Holland Ave., Alpine, Tx Across from the historic Holland hotel. 432-837-5754

  3. Michelle Rich

    Talgar’s Restaurant – 102 W Murphy Street, Alpine, TX (432)837-5101 $$ Delicious food inspired by Mexico, Latin America and Spain.

  4. M.K.

    I love to visit Alpine when I go to Big Bend Nat’l park. Recently ate at the GULF STATION CAFE.
    Had a very nice meal.Good food and very cold beer. Cool place in the middle of town.Recommend Highly!

  5. B.J. Doyle

    Jerry & Eva’s Grubshack: Common sense, down-to-earth food.
    Refreshing stop in the middle of no-where.Great people, place, food and prices. Yea!!