Aren’t You Afraid of Losing Your Marfa Audience?

Aren’t You Afraid of Losing Your Marfa Audience?


Someone asked me that regarding my series of snide, acerbic, grouchy attacks on the lame of institutions of Marfa, Texas.

This is some international shit up in this piece, bitch. I can alienate every single individual West Texan and still have a strong readership. I guarantee, the folks in Midland, Odessa, San Antonio, Houston, Austin and Dallas appreciate my candor regarding the local cultural scene here.

In the last month I received only 23 visits from Marfa. However, I received 34 visits from London. I AM MORE POPULAR IN LONDON THAN IN MARFA!

To celebrate this fact, here is my favorite new British comedy, “Miranda”. Miranda Hart breathes new life into old premises (and older jokes). She plays one of those women who still wears Chucks at 35, hasn’t been laid and runs a failing business. There’s something completely beguiling about her. I admit, I always root for the underdog and I find Miranda Hart quite funny and attractive.

This is my favorite episode, “Holiday”, where Miranda pretends to vacation in Thailand while really she is just going to a hotel on the other side of town.