Lyle Lovett Plays Marfa (but I doubt you can attend)

Lyle Lovett Plays Marfa (but I doubt you can attend)

Lyle Lovett is playing Saturday night as part of the Ballroom Marfa Benefit. If you haven’t already made plans to attend, you probably can’t attend. Why?

  • The RSVP period has already expired.
  • Tickets to the weekend event are $500 per head (or $1000) and must be purchased in blocks of ten. Don’t believe me? Here’s the skinny.
  • You have to be trusting enough to give $10,000 over the Internet. Oh, yes, the $10,000 isn’t wholly tax deductible either.

Maybe I’m crazy, but this is slightly insulting to local folks out here… we’re in the middle of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression and they expect folks to shell out $10,000 for show tickets? Sheesh. Barbra Streisand gets flack for her ticket prices but they are $750 max.

Anyway, since the majority of my readers don’t have $10,000 lying around I give you a live performance from Lyle Lovett courtesy of the Interweb:

20 thoughts on “Lyle Lovett Plays Marfa (but I doubt you can attend)

  1. Truth2Power1969

    This is freakin’ pathetic! How can these artsy-fartsy Marfa folks keep living in LaLa Land like this? $10,000? I’m about to have my freaking car repossessed. I hope that not one single ticket is sold and that Lyle Lovett gets diarrhea and the show is canceled!!! I’ve had it up to here with these snotty rich people making money off our community and not giving anything back! Ballroom Marfa can kiss my dimpled ass! Lyle Lovett can take a flying freak at a doughnut! They can take a flying leap at the moon for all I care!!!

    All Lyle Lovett has done in his career is take the music of poor Texas black people and now he’s charging $10,000 for tickets? This is a shame! Shame on you, Lyle Lovett!

  2. admin

    Truth2Power… I understand you are angry… but Ballroom Marfa does a lot of good stuff for the community and has free events all the time.

    Yes, Lyle Lovett’s music does rely on Blues and Gospel, but what successful American musician (including Ray Charles and James Brown) hasn’t mined the hell out of the music of socially disadvantaged African-Americans.

    I think you are being a little harsh on L. L.

  3. Truth2Power1969

    I don’t need to spend $10,000 to see Lyle Lovett. All I have to do is rent David Lynch’s ‘Eraserhead’ for $1.95 and I got front-row seats.

    This is the biggest lapse of judgment since Julia Roberts got hitched to this joker.

  4. Mercer Black

    I take issue with the extreme statements made by Truth2Power.

    Not every event in Marfa is for locals. Ballroom is a non-profit and this is a fundraising event aimed at attracting and entertaining their base. This is the reality of the non-profit artspace and vital to them continuing to do what they do for the community of Marfa.

    Ballroom has spent tremendous time, effort and expense entertaining locals. I can’t tell you the incredible music I’ve seen (most of which with a $10 cover) over the last 4 years thanks to Vance Knowles and the Ballroom team. Ghostland Observatory. Okerville River. Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins. Adam Carroll. Robert Earl Keen. Just to name a few…

    With the above said, $500/head is steep even by charity standards and was a bit of a kick in the stomach, since I’d been hearing rumors about this show since January and was, as a huge Lyle fan, planning to go. Basically, this tells me that I am not the type of attendee they were hoping to attract and…I’m okay with that. I am not a philanthropist. I’m a single mother. I’ll catch Lyle down the road. It won’t be at the Backyard (where I was privy to see him twice before the city of Bee Cave built a shopping mall around it) but it will be at a venue and an event that is meant for my demographic.

    Finally, it seems to me that for someone with such a poor opinion of Lyle Lovett, Truth2Power seem awfully eager to get cheap, or at least affordable, tickets to see him. It’s rather confusing.

  5. Truth2Power1969

    I hope he gets diarrhea and doodoos on the stage! I have a low opinion of him… but 99% of that is him accepting this gig. You don’t eat caviar in front of starving people!

    Has Presidio County been able to pay its phone bill yet? Aren’t their budget problems with the school? Do they even have the streetlights turned on? Marfa Ballroom is a freeloader on all the county services and doesn’t even pay taxes. Now, to support all this artsy-fartsy bullcrap they charge $10,000 to see a show. Do any of these fatcats even pay sales tax on their $10,000 tickets? Hell, no.

    Get your priorities straight! How is the art scene in Marfa going to be able to sustain itself if the children here are illiterate? Who wants to visit a town that degenerates into anarchy? I’m a single mom too and I want to see a fundraiser for affordable healthcare. I don’t give a crap about this hoity-toity ‘methlab in the sun’– that’s just glorifying drugs for the community.

  6. admin

    Mercer, thank you very much for your well-reasoned and intelligent response.

    Truth2Power, I respect your viewpoint… sometimes I am amazed at the support for the fine arts compared to the support for health care and education in Marfa.

    However, don’t take it out on poor ol’ Lyle. He’s just doing his best to play a gig and enjoy himself.

  7. noa

    I say let’s hang outside the venue and listen in guerrilla style…maybe smuggle a mic inside and rebroadcast it to the teeming masses who dont have the “chump” change to get in.

    “[The] Ballroom has spent tremendous time, effort and expense entertaining locals. I can’t tell you the incredible music I’ve seen (most of which with a $10 cover)”

    And with regards to “philanthropic” good that the ballroom does at $10 a head… Well I have seen many great shows by for profit businesses for less than $10 and so that point really doesn’t sell me on their good nature.

    I understand the need to pay back those who have donated time and money to the local community, but at least rebroadcast the show on the radio for all of us working folk who don’t live in a trust fund fantasy. These are hard times and they will get harder before they get better.

  8. Mercer Black

    I think blaming Ballroom for the ills of our County and City governments is beyond extreme and an example of bad socialism (good examples: the U.S. Postal Service, public libraries, public schools, etc.). Your complaints and concerns are better aimed at the County Commissioners, the City Council and Marfa ISD.

    We live in a mutli-faceted, free market society. As individuals we apply our skills and talents where they are best served. If everyone donates their talent, even if that is promoting art, then the community grows and thrives.

    Frankly, I’m a liberal and life-long Democrat and I’m offended by the level of ultra-left-wing nonsense coming out of your mouth. I’m not even a fan of Ballroom or even Chinati or Judd. But I feel compelled to stand up for common sense! It is not a crime to have money. It is not a crime to spend money on art, even during a recession.

    I venture to guess you’re a muckraker with not actual call-to-action and zero involvement in the community above what you’ve put forth today ON A BLOG. The pudding-proof being you’re bizarre anger projection on Lyle Lovette. Come on, man!

    Should all artists play free gigs for your enjoyment until the recession is over? Should the proceeds from any public event be donated to education and healthcare until our federal, state, county and municipal governments get it together?

    Marfa is not teeming with starving, illiterate children – the products of Ballroom’s greed. Another offense I’ve suffered under you today. Taking a bit more realistic approach to the situation, aiming your complaints at the right people and losing the gratuitous language might serve your argument better. For now, it’s nonsense.

  9. Mercer Black

    This just in:

    The Chinati Foundation is offering free art classes for children in kindergarten through 8th grade. Contact Ann Marie Nafziger at Chinati to register or for more information 432-729-4362 or


  10. Truth2Power1969

    First off, the man’s name is Lovett not Lovette… you lose a lot of credibility when you can’t spell properly.

    Second, people can do whatever they want. It’s a free capitalistic society… I’ll agree with you there… but some of it defies common sense and human decency. This $10,000 ticket bullcrap is a PR nightmare because that is probably the per capita income of Presidio County. Why did they put up fliers for this exclusive event? To rub our goddamn noses in how fantastic it is to be rich! If its going to be private, keep it private.

    At least they televised the goddamn Kentucky Derby!

  11. admin

    That is a very good point, Mercer. Also, the Chinati Foundation recently contributed money, time and energy to their Community Day (which by all accounts was a smashing success).

    Truth2Power: if you want to be taken seriously, please don’t post anonymously. Also, the vulgar language is doing as much to alienate my audience as to win them over.

  12. Mercer Black

    Says the person who uses “doodoo” in grown-up conversation! Well I really feel put in my place. Hahaha.

  13. Mercer Black

    I’m starting to see that using an explicative in lieu of actual vocabulary is your m.o. Bravo.

    In reference to your last post, it is not a private event. If you have $500, you can get in, I’m quite sure.

    And it is FANTASTIC to have money – that’s why we all work. Wouldn’t it be FANTASTIC to not have your car repossessed? It seems to me that you’re going through some tough times, as are so many, and my heart goes out to you. I’m a single mother. I’ve been self-employed for 6 years and this is the worst it’s ever been. But I keep working hard. It’s no one’s responsibility to feed, entertain or educate me or my child. Least of all, Ballroom.

  14. Lauren PACE

    Mercer is the furthest thing from illiterate. Adding an ‘e’ to the end of Lovett certainly does not equal illiterate, nor does it negate her ‘credibility’.
    Maintaining her usual tact and intellect is her m.o.
    BRAVO Mercer.

    I am privy to the fact that AT LEAST 3 couples are traveling from Midland to Marfa for this event, which only reiterates Mercer’s point regarding ‘not all events in Marfa are for locals.’
    I am no mathematician but that is $3000 worth of fund-raising for Ballroom Marfa. Additionally, factor in the money they will be putting into Marfa’s economy whilst staying in Marfa, then the rant is moot.

  15. Truth2Power1969

    Lyle Lovett will take a doodoo on the stage! Get ready to pay yo’ ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! HA! I GOT THE LAST WORD ON YOU!!!

  16. admin

    “I am not a philanthropist. I’m a single mother.”

    You’re the greatest philanthropist of all, Mercer 🙂
    Everyone benefits from the countless single moms out there and their contribution to society.

  17. allison

    I’m sorry to have missed out on the doo doo slinging but I want to point out that using ellipses instead of comas really loses alot of credibility with me.

  18. lylefan

    Truth2Power1969, I feel for you if you’re about to have your wheels reposessed, but if omitting the “e” from Lyle’s name is a sign of credibility, then you’re revealing yourself to be a fool. The ticket’s aren’t (weren’t) $10,000. They were $500. If you wanted to give more, you could pay $1,000 and get a few extra perks like better seats. Either way, you had to find nine other people willing to go with you, as the tickets were sold in blocks of 10. Second, the tickets were for a weekend of events, not just the concert. Receptions, dinners, film screenings, etc. Third, Lyle doesn’t charge $500 per ticket, Marfa does. Fourth, being rich may be fantastic, but it requires decades of &%#-ing hard work, carrying most of the public tax burden and hearing from critics like you, which is less than fantastic. Or, you have to be lucky (win the lottery, be Shaquille O’Neal, or pick rich parents who won’t make you work for any inheritance), in which case you won’t appreciate the what it takes to get rich and therefore aren’t likely not stay rich very long. Sincere best wishes to you and Marfa on enduring these tough times.

  19. Truth2Power1969

    Comas? Do you mean commas? Alot? Surely you mean to use two words there: a lot.