Is a Pathetic Group of Freeloaders and Scammers Is a Pathetic Group of Freeloaders and Scammers is an exact counterpart to the “Marfa cool kids” (actually pathetic middle-age scenesters) who inhabit the town. White, trivial, exclusionary middle-class scamming in the name of altruism.

On Craigslist (a real service to America) the posts are self-policed. On, the fussy and whiny moderator/publisher (Buck Johnson, frustrated artist) urges on her friends and censors anything with a grain of controversy.

Freddy Freeloader

I need a ride to El Paso

I wanted to solicit stories from gay locals for a series of articles on homophobia in West Texas… “OH NO THIS IS NOT A BLOG!!!”. My post was deleted. I guess there’s no social value to exploring bigotry and discrimination. But, of course, if Chinati or another local non-profit wants to solicit feedback from the citizens of Marfa they are welcome to.

Similarly, local knuckle-head David Beebe wants to “mask indian” for next Mardi Gras. This involves dressing up in an elaborate costume in imitation of highly exclusive African-American fraternal organizations. There are about 90 elaborate bayou juju taboos about this process. I pointed out that this was a glib and insincere mockery of the hard work that these folks put into Mardi Gras. Of course, I was warned and censored. I renounced my site membership and am not going back.

It’s the same 100 self-involved assholes who post and read the posts. “I need a ride to El Paso.” “I need someone to work for free.” “I need to borrow a router.” I’m not denying the aging hipsters of Marfa the right to beg and freeload off each other… I just don’t like the tone of self-righteousness and exclusion.

I am done with Marfa… there’s nothing going on there that’s worth two shits and a hoot. It consists exclusively of spoiled, middle-class art-world functionaries who are organizing tea parties and wine tastings while Texas (and the rest of the world) self-destructs around them. Fuck everybody from Dallas and Austin who has moved to Marfa to increase their hip credibility.


Why? This site excludes no one and actually has something interesting (albeit often insane) to say.

By the way… I need a ride to El Paso.

9 thoughts on “ Is a Pathetic Group of Freeloaders and Scammers

  1. Christian

    Re: (a pathetic bunch of freeloaders)
    I saw your article on the above and found it quiet entertaining. It seems the people you attack are the same ones you are asking rides from – or was I mistaken when you said in your article: “by the way I need a ride to El Paso”. How is it going to work with you? Marfa people are assholes until you are picked up, and then they are not until you are dropped off and then once again they become assholish again or is it that they are assholes whether they give you a ride or not?
    As for being “middle american Americans”, I would say that Marfa has middle, lower, and down right millonaires in their mix. Call them any thing you want, but don’t call them any more then another town in South Texas because it is not going to wash with anyone but you!
    I think you are right to get out and stay out – don’t let the door slam you in the ass when you are leaving and leave the people of Marfa alone, they don’t need your shit.

  2. ExMarfan

    Holy crap you have the new marfans down to a T. After living in marfa for about 10 years, i just had to get out as the new social climbing free loading assholes moved in. i have never experienced people who get in such a self-congratulating self-abosorbed pat-themselves on the back ’cause they need to feel exclusive and better than anyone else frenzy like that, and i hope i never do again. if nothing else, i take from my experience with the new marfans, especially buck, whose real name is gay, the newfound ability to spot that certain kind of ass hole from a mile away. that said, marfa does have a lot of great people that i consider close friends that still live there, and it is in a beautiful part of the world, so i don’t consider it all bad.

  3. ExMarfan

    i think he was referring to the new marfans. hate to generalize, but as a group they suck. they have even gained notoriety in the big bend area as a special subset of a particular kind of asshole. this does not include all marfans. i speak from long years of experience with these jack-offs.

  4. former Marfan

    “Fuck everybody from Dallas and Austin who has moved to Marfa to increase their hip credibility” was my favorite phrase! “self-involved assholes” was my favorite term! Both reasons we got out 5 years ago! Not all newcomers are bad just as not all locals were good, but that hip, better than you, name dropping snottiness resonates on the streets to the point where no one waves at each other anymore and locals really aren’t a part of the new Marfa (many are still trying to get out). I know places change, but Marfa’s discovery changed the town from a cohesive, diverse community to one of disparate cliques in less than 10 years; it was amazing!…sometimes one should not “embrace change” BTW, being gay I never found any ‘homophobia’ in that area, especially from the locals….there is a mentality of “don’t try to run my life and I won’t try to run yours” out there. Along with a good dose of “treat others as you would like to be treated” I got along fine with most locals…the newcomers could be snobs to anyone, gay or straight!

  5. Loki Malatesta

    Buck and her husband Camp are the two phoniest, trend-hopping, suck-up motherfuckers in Marfa (and that’s saying a lot). Buck’s real name is Gaye and Camp’s real name is also gay-it’s Brian. Have you ever seen Brian’s art? It is terrible. Just another opinion from a bona fide local.

  6. Daniel Morris

    Last week I signed a contract to buy a lot in Sal si Puedes. In fact my lot looks straight at the shiny new UFO. You all were making me nervous: my dream move, that I had saved up for years, was going to be a nightmarish mistake? Heck, I still don’t have all the money I need, so this is really going to be a part-time move.
    I did not come here to be an artist,(but I love Dan Flavin), I don’t drink and I am not a fan of loud music. I am shy and try hard to avoid unkind hipsters. I have lived in Austin for over 30 years,(i’m pretty sure). 20 of those have been spent very calmly in hispanic neighborhoods on the East Side of our town.
    When I first moved East, fear of the unknown and fear of crime inspired my friends to tell me not to go! In Marfa there is no “fear of the unknown”, but there appears to be a joke about living in Sal si puedes. Considering the 2 people who “told” it to me, the joke is not new and the hipsters did not bring it with them. I dread hearing it again, but considering my race, white, I am sure I will. At least I will learn to forget it–but what about the kids who had to walk across the line every day?
    Please feel free to fight about who is better, was better, will be worse. And have fun doing it.
    The reasons I came to Marfa are all still valid and I am looking forward to being a part of an interesting, vital, beautiful and truly unique Texas town whose denizens sometimes, as we all do, need to think before they speak.
    Best to you all–I hope to meet you!

  7. Wendy

    I disagree with most of these comments. I just moved out here a couple months ago from Miami for an internship (preservation work). Maybe coming from Miami or only being here for a little bit gives me this view, but everyone is so friendly! Everyone waves hello to me on the streets. It’s such an anomaly moving from a place like Miami where everyone is so mean and self-involved to a place like this where everyone is kind, friendly and helpful. I also don’t think asking people for a ride places etc, is free loading. I think there’s a give and take that creates a community and the best way for people so far out from major services and cities to survive. I think if you want to meet an aggressive, better than thou group of people – move to Miami. No one will even look at you on the streets for fear you might actually talk to them. Marfa is just so pleasant in comparison, and that’s saying something because hipsters are not my people and small towns have never been my thing.

  8. Soon2bleavingMarfa

    I have read some of your post or whatever you call them when I first came to Marfa about a year ago. I asked around why you had such harsh comments about Padres and Now . The response I got was basically that you are a internet type troll that takes one thing out of proportion and blows it up.

    My conclusions are that you have some validity in some of the things you say. Yes there are quite a few free loaders here, Yes the typical self denying ego counter culture wanna bees trying to make their twisted sense of being into main stream culture inhabit this area, Yes they are 20 something to age 40 something and truth be told many of them have been rejected from main stream society. Also some of the locals (Hispanics) have been used to the entitled programs that afford them to spend their money on drugs and alcohol, while at the same time they shirk their responsibilities.

    You have some issues as well, as well as the rest of society of judgmental fucktards. Yes bigotry is a problem and has been for a long time. It would be nice to address the fake progressives that inhabit Marfa and the fact that they will hide behind liberalism for the sole purpose of pushing their own agenda on others when they have no intention of being tolerant of those whom THEY disagree with. Tolerance is progressive ) liberal, NOT INTOLLERANCE.

    Stop trying to change them! The whole country is full of lazy opportunistic losers that have friends. If you don’t like the smell get out of the Shithouse. Do you think I like that a dime of my tax dollars go to some MARFA SLACKER who is able to work but doesn’t? Why does the community pay for housing and electric/water bills for those who are working but for some reason would rather spend their money on after parties and drinking and drugging? Why does the public radio station play music that the majority of people don’t want to hear? Who cares, just know that most of these idiots that you are talking about have what they deserve. They own very little , live with other Marfa Rats , and will end up more miserable than what they are today. As for those who come here with money , let them waste their time and money on people who really could care less and are only kissing their ass to try to get a few scraps that fall of the table.

    AS FOR YOU fUCK OFF, but thanks for the opportunity to vent anyway.