Mike Perry of the Alpine Avalanche Accused of Plagiarism

Mike Perry of the Alpine Avalanche Accused of Plagiarism

Megan Wilde, a good friend of mine, happened to read an article about solar energy in a Dallas newspaper. A week later, she read the same exact phrase in the Alpine Avalanche in an editorial by Mike Perry. Read her letter here.

Mr. Perry defended himself by saying that he customarily attributes sources and that he accidentally forgot the three sources in this particular editorial. Read his response here.

4 thoughts on “Mike Perry of the Alpine Avalanche Accused of Plagiarism

  1. BB

    Is this the same guy that claimed credit for John Wells’ picture of him and his solar panels when they did an article on the Field Lab?

  2. Allison

    I thought this was ridiculous. He is the editor of the paper and he basically said (in his initial response to her letter) “Oops, my bad.” He did a poor job editing. He did a poor job editing? Isn’t that his job title- Editor? I think he has set a terrible example for the youth of Alpine. Where I went to college you would get kicked out for a year if you were caught Plagiarising.
    And his excuse about being too busy: that was the same excuse they gave for messing up my wedding announcement/thank you message 4 months ago! They can’t just keep messing up and apologizing. If they can’t handle their own workload they either need to reduce what they try to put in each paper, hire some help, or quit all together.

  3. Marlene

    Regarding Mike Perry…He apolozied & admitted his mistake. As the saying goes,”why beat a good horse to death?” Mr.Perry,just like everyone,is human. We make mistakes, we learn from them & move on.When one makes a mistake, bring it to their attention,give them the chance to correct it. If there is anyone out there that can do a better job than our Mike Perry,(which I doubt there is)let them step up to the plate. Otherwise,I say “LET IT GO!”

  4. admin

    Each week Mr. Perry publishes the Sheriff’s blotter. Should he stop that practice because people have a chance to learn from their mistakes? No. We live in a small town and when people make mistakes it is an easy, interesting source of news.

    I feel that I am pretty fair here. A reader accused him of plagiarism and he defends himself well (I link to that defense, in fact). I had a very nice breakfast with Mr. Perry about a month ago. I’m not criticizing him unduly, rather, this is just the news.

    In general, I think I help the Avalanche by linking to their stories. After all, if their news is good enough for me and my readers, I must hold it in high esteem.