Neil Diamond Has Invaded Marfa Texas

Neil Diamond Has Invaded Marfa Texas

Neil Diamond has invaded Marfa, Texas?

It was hard for me to believe. One source told me that Neil had been spotted in local watering holes buying drinks and thanking people amid requests for sex. Another source told me that it was really the reclusive crooner, Jackie Pepper.

A close friend to Jackie confided to me: “Jackie kinda went off the deep end with his addiction to elephant tranquilizer and PCP. It culminated with him watching the Jazz Singer 45 times consecutively and attempting a chest hair implant. The result is the exclusive tour we have before us. Frankly, I think it’s a good direction for him.

The backing band (mostly the time-tested veterans of the Allen Oldies Band along with Adam Bork on analog organ) was great. They were tight and fun and brought a freshness to Neil’s sentimental pop.

The crowd was really enjoying the vibe. The mania and adulation from the women in the crowd was reminiscent of the Beatles at Shea stadium.

I attended on Saturday (the adult show). Jackie/Neil was gussied up in a Fancy Pony Land applique outfit. Susannah Lipsey looked great and delivered fun background vocals.

A big A++ to Padre’s Marfa and everyone involved for bringing some original and entertaining music to the stage.

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  1. Carel Rowe

    (and Jestors).

    I’ll die laughing at you guys.