Obama on White Velvet

Obama on White Velvet

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Right or Wrong – Two More Years Barack Obama Show Up On White Velvet

Considering the times – post mid-term elections – a new exhibit to examine the emotions of the public will be presented at the Murphy St. Raspa Co. in Alpine. The main theme – “Right or Wrong – Two More Years” is the prevailing sentiment that we will all have to live with for two more years. Combining satire with reality, different artists have conveyed their opinions about our 44th President onto white velvet. Using art as the medium to express the emotions involved in these times brings the issues into the public realm, hopefully for more sensible consideration. In conjunction with this show will be a retrospective of the 2004 exhibit “W – Portrait of a President” George Bush on Black Velvet. This exhibit has been curated by Beverly Montgomery. The opening reception will be on Thursday, December 30th, from 6 to 8 at the Murphy St. Raspa Co. ,100 W. Murphy St., Alpine, Texas. For more information call 432-837-3768 or 432-294-4769.

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